A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is the best medicine

The Butetown, Riverside & Grangetown Communities First Team (BRG) will be working with residents and local community groups to help address factors that contribute to ill health in our locality. Improved health and wellbeing is a priority for national and local government but the positive outcomes of changes in health care and related services often have less [positive] impact within the city’s less well off households. For example experiences of:

  • Limiting and chronic health conditions;
  • a lower take up of health checks an;
  • non participation in or low levels of exercise or physical activity;
  • a higher than average incidence of ill-mental health

are all issues that affect disproportionate amounts of individuals living in the BRG ‘cluster’ areas; these are issues that our health programme will seek to address. We aspire to enable individuals, families and groups to know what to look out for, where to go and what to ask when seeking to make health improvements. We will work with health services, health promotion practitioners and local community organisations to promote better health in BRG. Equally we will work across our diverse communities seeking to eliminate the boundaries that hold people back from achieving an improved level of health for yourselves and for your families.

If you want to get involved contact the team (details below), look out for and attend our events or if you want to help others while learning new skills, become a Health Ambassador. For more details contact:

Tony Hendrickson  – Physical Activity   07969065371

Lucy Chandler        – Mental health         07969066093

Rebecca Grace        – Food & Nutrition   07969065316

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