Public Service Interpreting

First Steps to Public Service Interpreting

Would you like to utilise your skills and become an interpreter? If so this FREE course may be just what you are looking for!

Course Description                  public service interpreting

This course will give students an overview of the knowledge, skills and understanding required of a public service interpreter and of practical issues associated with working as a public service interpreter in the UK. It will include basic interpreting skills and terminology, professional conduct, continuing professional development and working on a freelance basis.

What does it mean to me – Why would I want to do it?

It may be that you have interpreted for family and friends in the past – this commonly known as Community Interpreting .Community interpreting has been defined in a variety of ways, ranging from the kind of interpreting that takes place informally in neighborhoods and community agencies, and is performed by amateurs or ad hoc interpreters. This is often as a response to some difficulties people in the community have in understanding letters and other documents and they then ask either directly or indirectly for help from within their community.

Public Service interpreting is the professional approach to interpreting and attendance on the course could lead to you getting a Diploma in Public Service Interpreting and then employment as a Public Service Interpreter.

It is a big move from support that you give voluntarily in the community to being the interpreter in a police station, courtroom or hospital and it does mean that you would be employed as a qualified practitioner and would be subject to the expected level of service.

Attendance and completion of this course will give you the chance to look at interpreting as a career and decide whether it is what you would like to do

More information can be found on the Cardiff University website

With some suggested  Reading suggestions

The Institute of Linguists’ web pages ( and particularly the resources related to the DPSI (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting) (

Venue: BRG Communities First – Butetown Community Centre- Loudoun Square – Cardiff CF10 5JA

For more information contact Mashmooma Din 029 20250549 or Roble Ahmed 07969066251

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