Photography Competition

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Do you have a creative side? Do you have a good eye for taking photographs?

Put your phones and cameras to good use!

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BRG Communities First are looking for images of all kinds that best represent Butetown, Grangetown and Riverside communities. We would also encourage photographs which some how incorporate Communities First’s three themes, Health, Prosperous & Learning. This could be any type of photograph of places or people (make sure you have permission) and can include any type of topic under one of the themes, or none at all. If you just have a great photo of a well known part of Grangetown then that’s great. We would like photo’s of all kinds, as long as they are taken within the BRG cluster area.

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The entry is open to all photographers of any age, or under parent guidance. The photograph has to represent any of the BRG area’s or on our website.

How to enter:

Please send your photo’s to us via email at along with your name, contact details and a short description of the picture content. It’s as simple as that! Entries must be in by September 30th and the winners will be notified personally.

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