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Building Livelihoods Strengthening Communities Wales

The Livelihoods Project is an Oxfam project which is being funded by the Big Lottery over 3 years. The project is an extension of Oxfam’s 2009 Sustainable Livelihoods Approach pilot project, which worked in partnership with 8 community groups across Wales, including South Riverside Community Development Centre in Cardiff.

What is the aim of the project? – The main aim of the project is to support families and individuals to develop long term resilience and maximise their livelihoods.  The project also aims to engage with local service providers to ensure they have a good understanding of the needs of local people, and are providing relevant and accessible services.

How will it do this? – The project is able to provide intensive, tailored support. This will mainly be in one-to one sessions but may also be within a group setting.

The project uses a Sustainable Livelihoods Approach (SLA) to supporting individuals. This method is a participatory approach and starts with what people have (their Assets), not what they lack. It assumes that everyone has strengths, skills and assets that they use to get by, and the Livelihoods Worker aims to support people to maximise their potential – or build up their livelihood.

The Livelihoods Worker will not do things for the participant, but instead support the participant to reflect, make their own decisions, and take action. The Livelihoods Worker may accompany individuals in taking action until they are able to do it themselves. The Livelihoods Worker will have time to spend with an individual or family to provide this support.

Who is the project for? – Anyone in the BRG area who feels that they would like some help with moving forward and achieving their goals.

Who to contact – Anna McVicker or Mathew Lawes, Livelihoods Workers on 029 20220309.

We are based at South Riverside Community Centre, Brunel Street, Riverside, Cardiff, CF11 6ES. Anna works Mon, Tues and Weds and Mat on a Thurs, so pop in and see us for a chat.

Listen to the Livelihoods Worker, Anna McVicker, talking about the project on Radio Cardiff and explaining how volunteers can get involved;


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