Affordable Fruit and Veg

A food co-op is a more affordable way to buy your fresh fruit and vegetables as well as being healthy and sustainable. It’s an affordable alternative to the supermarkets and money spent though a food co-op is re-invested into the local community plus there is less waste, less packaging and fewer food miles which has to be good news.

How do I order from a food co-op?

Food co-ops are run my volunteers and they are held once a week and usually for a 1 – 2 hour period. Once you have found a food co-op near you just turn up at any time in the time slot specified for that food co-op and place your order for the following week. You then turn up at the same time next week and collect your order. It’s that simple!

The beauty of food co-ops is that it’s run by local people who only use local produce. The more people who join the food co-op the better as you get more for your money the bigger the order. The volunteers place the order one week and it arrives in bulk the next week. The veg is then split into the correct portions for the orders ready for you to collect. This enables the food co-op to be so low in cost.

What kind of fruit and veg should I expect in a bag?

There are 4 different food Co-op bags – Veg bag, Fruit bag, Stir Fry bag and a Salad Bag. There is also a stew pack available. Each bag costs £3.00 each (apart from the stew pack which is £2.00) and contains a variety of over 5 different seasonal vegetables, fruit of stir fry produce. For example, a Stir Fry bag will usually contain the following; 1 Bulb of  Garlic, Ginger, bunch of Spring Onions, 1 Onion, 1 Pepper, bag of Mushrooms, bag of bean sprouts and several green chillies. All this for just £3.00!

See if there’s a food co-op near you by visiting Community Food Co-op’s website and doing the post code search.

If you and your family or community group would like more information about healthy eating please let us know.  We have several healthy eating initiatives and training opportunities which may can help you.

A healthy balanced diet has many benefits for individuals and families and we would like to support our community to be able to do this no matter what your budget.

If you would like to be a part of our health initiative, volunteer with us or just recommend an activity then please contact the health team who will be happy to hear from you.

Would you like to volunteer to run a food co-op near you! If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with we can support you to set one up. Just give the health team a call or get in touch with the Rural Regeneration Unit who can also advise you.

Food co-op’s in the BRG cluster;

Grangetown Food Co-op
Grangetown Salvation Army
Corporation Rd
Cardiff CF11 7AW
Thursdays 11am – 12pm
Lead volunteer – Joice Martin

Butetown Food Co-op
Butetown Community Centre
Loudon Square
Cardiff CF10 5UZ
Tuesdays 1.30pm – 2.30 pm
Lead volunteer – Carol Fox

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