Nutrition for Pregnancy

Early pregnancy

Nutrition for Pregnancy

Are you trying for a baby or have just found out you are pregnant?

The First three months of pregnancy are the hardest. You have no idea of what to eat or more importantly what not to eat. You don’t receive any support until your first appointment with midwife at the end of the first trimester so it can be quite a lonely and anxious time for some.

Combating fatigue and other pregnancy symptoms as well as eating healthy can be a real struggle.

Would you like to come along and get some helpful advice, hints and tips about food and nutrition? Learn what to avoid and things to try which may help with energy levels and morning sickness? Then this is for you!

Get support with how to maintain a healthy diet as well as your cravings and a healthy pregnancy. Or just come along for a friendly chat and support.

This BRG Communities First project is supported by Cardiff Public Health Dietetics Team, Public Health Wales.

If you would like to find out more, please call Rebecca Grace – Ford on 02920 340975 or 07969065316.

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