Think Well, Be Well

Think Well, Be Well

think well be well

Think well, Be Well is about Coping and Dealing with Our Mental Health. Understanding mental wellbeing is a challenge for many. Often the subject is presented only as a problem with solutions targeting those who are experiencing high levels of distress. While this can be important (and necessary) we feel that there is also a benefit to supporting people to manage their sense of well-being. The Coping and Dealing with Our Mental Health project seeks to enable individuals to:

  • Identify when they feeling more stressed and vulnerable
  • Identify what can be done to alleviate feelings of stress and vulnerability
  • Where to seek information and support

Events and workshops linked to the Coping and Dealing with Our Mental Health project will bring together local agencies to connect with communities to discuss topics such as building and maintaining confidence and self-esteem and how exercise and eating well can impact positively on our moods. Participants will also be able to participate in relaxation and breathing sessions, gaining tools and learning techniques that they can take away and practice.

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