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Move Well, Be Well

Move Well, Be Well


Give your health a Kick Start. It I well documented that being physically active regularly has big benefits on our health. For many regular exercise seems like a step too much especially when it competes with an already busy lifestyle or when money is in short supply.

woman cyclingThe BRG Healthy Communities programme will be supporting initiatives that enable individuals (young and older), families and groups to get active. While we support sports and fitness programmes we also will focus on easy and social exercise such as gardening, walking groups, cycling, EXTEND (movement for those with limited physical flexibility).

Kettle bellsIn fact if you have a group and an idea please talk to us! We will seek to support people from all backgrounds to get moving for health.

Watch this space for information on StreetGames and grants to support involvement in sport in the next issue.

If you would like to find out more please contact Tony Hendrickson:

Mob: 07969 065371 Email:

Need a Job

Need a Job ?

Help to:

  • Search for jobs
  • Create email account
  • Make a CV
  • Complete job applications

Information sessions from employers planned

For more information please ring Anna, Hamid or Julie on 029 20220309 or just come along!

Tuesdays 12.30pm – 2.30pm

South Riverside Community Development Centre
Brunel St, Cardiff CF11 6ES

Cook & Swap


Cook & swap is supported by a fully trained chef to support people in the community further their skills with healthy tasty cooking.

The idea behind this group came from a Greek initiative where families cook too much food. To prevent waste they donate to the community, swap with friends or sell portions of their moussaka at a very cheap price.

Have you ever made a meal with the intention of freezing portions for more affordable living? The only downfall is that you end up eating the same meal for a week. Wouldn’t it be nice to work as a team to cook several dishes and be able to swap portions making your week a little more interesting!

This project will focus on working in groups to cook a health tasty dish.

Each group will cook something different so at the end of the session the group have made 3 or 4 dishes which can be shared out and taken home. Each learner gets to taste a different dish and also learn new skills.

In addition to the get cooking courses this project will aim to further people’s cooking skills and give them an opportunity to gain knowledge and ideas with a fully qualified chef. At the end of the session the overall aim is for each group to share their dish by dividing it up into sections so that everyone is able to take a small portion of each dish home so they are able to enjoy it with their families and try each one.

The groups will have a choice of 2-3 dishes to choose from each week.

Each recipe will be given to each learner and they all would have had some experience of cooking the dish.

Another aspect of this project will focus on skill swapping so that people from different cultural backgrounds can share cooking ideas and recipes.

Participants will work with their teacher to plan for each week. Cook & Swap will work with the local food-co-ops and local businesses in order to source the most affordable fresh produce.

If this is something you think you may be interested in please contact Rebecca Grace – Ford on 02920 340975 or 07969065316 for more details.

Nutrition for Pregnancy

Early pregnancy

Nutrition for Pregnancy

Are you trying for a baby or have just found out you are pregnant?

The First three months of pregnancy are the hardest. You have no idea of what to eat or more importantly what not to eat. You don’t receive any support until your first appointment with midwife at the end of the first trimester so it can be quite a lonely and anxious time for some.

Combating fatigue and other pregnancy symptoms as well as eating healthy can be a real struggle.

Would you like to come along and get some helpful advice, hints and tips about food and nutrition? Learn what to avoid and things to try which may help with energy levels and morning sickness? Then this is for you!

Get support with how to maintain a healthy diet as well as your cravings and a healthy pregnancy. Or just come along for a friendly chat and support.

This BRG Communities First project is supported by Cardiff Public Health Dietetics Team, Public Health Wales.

If you would like to find out more, please call Rebecca Grace – Ford on 02920 340975 or 07969065316.

Discover the You in You


                   “MY LIFE MY DESIGN”

Discover yourself

Who is this Training for?

This training creates a space for people to explore their motivation, strengths, and aspirations, unlock their ideas, skills and potential.

What will I get out of it?

The course will help people to:

  • Better understand their identity
  • Be able to identify what drives you
  • Create building blocks to higher self-esteem and confidence
  • Know how to reach and achieve your goals
  • Learn tools for breaking inner barriers to achieving success
  • Learn how to deal with change and challenges of life
  • Be able to design action plans to achieving your life goals and aspiration


Places on this course are strictly limited!

Where: No 4 Emlyn House, Dock chamber, First Floor, Bute Street. Cardiff, CF11 5AG

Date of the training: Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th June

Time: 10am-3pm (Lunch will be provided)

For registration or for more information contact Hamid (HAM) –  


Telephone: 02920250549 / 07969066316

View PDF for print: