Monthly Archives: July 2014

National Citizens Service Launch

Many young people and a few older techies; exploring Raspberry Pis and 3D printing;2 Sphero Robotic Balls causing chaos!

Alun Cairns; Jenny Randerson and Jett Cuthbert all fully together launching the NCS – National Citizens Service Pilot in Wales.

Young people will have the opportunity to have a week staying in, and experiencing another community. Whilst there they will have the oppprtunity to learn about themselves and the host community. They will then get the chance to develop themselves and apply newly learnt skills in their own communities; there will be a budget available for them to spend on a volunteering project of their choice.

300 young people will get the chance to share in the £300,000 pilot scheme – if successful more youngsters could benefit in the future.

Nice to see 3 of the main political parties coming together to support this initiative.

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