Food Co-op at the Wyndham Diner

Fancy a salad or a stir-fry for tea?

Pop down to the food co-op and pick up your own stir-fry, veg, stew bag or fruit mix for just £3.

At our food co-op we sell a wide range of fruit and veg, some of which include chili, garlic and ginger.  We also sell eggs – just 90p for half a dozen (6).

Order by 9am on Monday morning for the next day. Contact Catherine – 02920 250549 for info.

Get Involved!

Would you like to volunteer to help with sorting out the orders into bags, creating recipe cards or chopping up fruit to sell in fruit pots?

We also need help with gardening – we’re planting our vegetable and herb beds ready for summer.

Please get in touch with / 02920 250549


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