Get fit and feel great in 2017!

From learning to cook healthy food, to getting back on your bike or doing some gentle exercise, there are loads of opportunities to get fitter and feel well in mind and body this new year.
























The Communities First Health Programme aims to:

  • Increase participation in healthy physical activities, whether through sport or recreational routes.
  • Promote and support activities that improve people’s sense of wellbeing
  • Provide training and information on healthy cooking and eating, including how best to shop to improve our diets within a budget and food preparation
  • Link people with organisations and initiatives that can provide support for those addressing health concerns and/or changing habits and routines that have negative health impacts
  • Support Healthy Ageing by promoting awareness of health issues within the 50+ population

Achieving Health through Empowerment & Promoting positive lifestyles:

To find out more or how you can get involved please contact the BRG Healthy Communities Team or click on one of the links below  to find out whats on.

If you require further information or would like to talk to

one of the Health Team please call us:

Tony Hendrickson – – Tel: 07969065371

Rebecca Grace-Ford – – Tel: 07969065316