Question: When Is Mrs Brown In Cardiff?

Where can I see Mrs Brown? Watch Mrs Brown on Netflix Today! What time is all round to Mrs Brown’s on tonight? All Round To Mrs Brown’s series 4 airs Saturday nights at 9:15PM on BBC one from March 21. Is Grandad leaving Mrs Brown? “He said ‘You’re playing granddad ‘ — That was […]

FAQ: Cardiff How Far?

How many miles away is Cardiff? Cardiff is 3,557.02 mi (5,724.47 km) north of the equator, so it is located in the northern hemisphere. What is 1000 miles Cardiff? Within 1000 miles, what is the furthest capital city from Cardiff? The furthest capital city as the crow flies to Cardiff is Budapest, Hungary at 997.67 […]

FAQ: How Far Is Cardiff From Nottingham?

How much is a train ticket from Nottingham to Cardiff? Nottingham to Cardiff Central by train Journey time From 3h 10m Price From £20.50 Distance 133 miles (214 km) Frequency 16 trains per day Departure station Nottingham 3  How long does it take to get from Cardiff to Nottingham by train? How long does it […]