Cardiff University What To Bring?

What do I need to bring to Cardiff Uni?

  1. Any documents that your university asked you to bring, acceptance letter, student finance, accommodation agreement etc.
  2. At least one form of ID – passport/driver’s license.
  3. A strip of passport photos in case.
  4. Bank debit card.
  5. Insurance documents.

Do you need to take a duvet to uni?

As most uni rooms come with a single bed, you ‘ll need a cover for your duvet.

Is it hard to get into Cardiff Uni?

Yep a quick look at the stats shows the average student (not bottom 1/3rd or lower quartile) but the average student at Cardiff achieves lower than the entry requirements, which shows they are completely bogus as their just arbitrary grades they put on their website as they want to look better, UCAS should really crack

What grades do you need to get into Cardiff University?

Our entry requirements will vary depending on your level of study, the course you are interested in and your English language proficiency. Most of our undergraduate courses usually require ABB – AAA grades at A-level or 30-36 points at IB.

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How do you travel around Cardiff?


  1. ON FOOT. Large parts of the city centre are pedestrianised, so it’s easy to get around on foot.
  2. BY BUS. Cardiff Bus runs an extensive system throughout Cardiff and the local area, travelling to Penarth and Barry.
  3. BY TRAIN.
  4. BY BIKE.
  5. BY BOAT.
  6. BY TAXI.

Is next bike free for students?

Free nextbike memberships for staff and students. ‌‌From 15th October 2015 the University offers nextbike memberships for staff and students for free. Save the annual subscription fees for the use of standard nextbike hire bikes from more than 70 hire stations in Glasgow!

What can you not bring to uni?

Now that we’ve covered the essentials, here are 18 things you should leave at home when you move to uni this September.

  • 1) Pets. Let’s get the tough bit out of the way first.
  • 2) Ashtrays. Most halls and purpose-built student accommodation are no-smoking zones.
  • 3) Speakers.
  • 4) Candles.
  • 5) Stationery.
  • 6) Car.
  • 7) Kettle.
  • 8) Books.

What to do before going to uni?

10 things to do before starting university

  • Arrange your accommodation. First-year students typically opt to stay in halls, as they’re protected by the university and present an easy way to meet new people.
  • Sort out your finances.
  • Decide what to take.
  • Organise a railcard.
  • Get reading.
  • Arrange a health check.
  • Get to know the area.
  • Learn to cook.

What do I need to bring to uni?

University checklist: Important documents

  1. Passport (or other ID)
  2. Driver’s license (if you have one)
  3. All official university correspondence, including acceptance letter.
  4. All student loan correspondence (to keep track of when your loan is due, and so you can follow up if necessary )
  5. Details of accommodation and contract.
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Is it easy to get into Cardiff?

Cardiff to me has a good balance between a town and a city. It doesn’t feel too busy and getting around is quite easy depending on where you live and where your School is. As a member of the Russell Group, Cardiff is one of Britain’s top 24 leading research universities.

Which is the hardest university to get into UK?

Hardest UK universities to get into

  • University of Oxford (21.8%)
  • University of Cambridge (28.5%)
  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (35.2%)
  • St George’s, University of London (39.0%)
  • University of the Arts London (41.9%)
  • University of St Andrews (42.3%)
  • Imperial College London (43.0%)

Is Cardiff University prestigious?

Founded in 1883, Cardiff University is a member of the prestigious Russell Group top-24 UK research-led universities, and is ranked in the world’s best 140 universities (QS World University Rankings 2018). The university is located in Cardiff, the thriving metropolitan capital city of Wales in the United Kingdom.

How many UCAS points is A * A * A *?

As an example, A-level grades receive the following Ucas points: A* = 56. A = 48.

Is Cardiff Medical School good?

Excellent course at cardiff. CBL is perfect for learning, and early clinical skills teaching and patient contact allows us to acclimatise to medical practice. Best medical course in the UK, in my opinion.

How long does Cardiff take to give offers?

Receiving your offer Most applications will receive a decision within four weeks. If you’re successful, you’ll receive an email from the Academic Registry confirming your offer. This email will include your student number – please include this whenever you contact us.

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