FAQ: What Cardiff Bus Goes To St Fagans?

Is there a bus from Cardiff to St Fagans?

Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Cardiff, Westgate Street KN and arriving at St Fagans, Castle Hill Court. Services depart every two hours, and operate Monday to Saturday. The journey takes approximately 24 min.

How far is St Fagans from Cardiff City Centre?

The distance between Cardiff and St Fagans is 4 miles.

How much does it cost to get into St Fagans?

The Museum remains FREE TO ENTER. However, to keep you and our staff safe, we have had to reduce the number of people we can welcome on site at any one time. To manage this, all visitors entering the site will need to have booked a free ticket in advance.

What bus goes to Cardiff Bay?

By Bus. The Baycar (Service 6) is the easiest way to get between Cardiff city centre and the Bay. Buses run every 12 mins Mon – Fri and every 15 mins Sat – Sun day times/every 20 mins in the evenings.

What Junction is St Fagans?

The Museum is signposted from junction 33 of the M4 motorway (follow road signs for the Museum of Welsh Life), with direct access from the A4232.

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Is St Fagans a good place to live?

These are the results for St Fagans. The percentage of residents in St Fagans rating their health as ‘very good ‘ is more than the national average. St Fagans General Health Statistics.

Health Cardiff Wales
Very Good 50.37% 46.64%
Good 31.05% 31.12%
Fair 12.14% 14.62%
Bad 4.84% 5.82%

How much is parking at St Fagans?

If you are arriving by car you MUST purchase a car parking ticket in advance to gain access to the site (£6 per day. FREE for disabled badge holders and motorbikes) £30 yearly ticket. You can tell us how many people are travelling to the museum when you book your ticket.

Where can I park in St Fagans?

  • St Fagans National History Museum. 316 spaces. 0 minto destination.
  • B&Q. 270 spaces. 57 minto destination.
  • Tesco. 680 spaces. 59 minto destination.
  • Brooklands Retail Park. 250 spaces.
  • Trelai Park. 130 spaces.
  • Llandaff – Radyr Court. 75 spaces.
  • Cardiff West. 210 spaces.
  • Radyr Road. 60 spaces.

How much is Cardiff Bus?

The service 30 Day Return ticket prices are: Adult £4.50.

How far is Cardiff Bay from train station?

It takes an average of 10m to travel from Cardiff Central to Cardiff Bay by train, over a distance of around 1 miles (1 km).

What Cardiff bus goes to Culverhouse Cross?

The 17 is the first Bus that goes to Culverhouse Cross in Cardiff.

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