FAQ: What Store Cardiff Closing Down?

Is Debenhams closing down in Cardiff?

Which are the last Debenhams stores to close? The final wave of closures will see many of Debenhams ‘ big stores in Belfast, Cardiff, Liverpool and Birmingham Bullring all close on Saturday 15 May 2021. 4

Is John Lewis Cardiff staying open?

When is Cardiff John Lewis store reopening? John Lewis has said its remaining 34 John Lewis shops will reopen from April 12 subject to Government guidance. The next date for the diary when it comes to retail in Wales is April 12, which is when all non-essential shops will be able to reopen.

Is Debenhams closing down?

Shoppers have flocked to the last remaining outlets to pick up bargains in closing – down sales. But the last 28 stores will now be shuttered for good. The Debenhams brand will continue to trade online after it was bought by the fashion retailer Boohoo for £55m in January. 4

When can non-essential retail open in Wales?

Supermarkets can now re- open their non – essential aisles, and garden centres can open their doors again. Supermarkets in Wales were allowed to reopen their non – essential aisles from Monday 22 March, as lockdown restrictions continue to gradually ease.

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Which John Lewis stores will not reopen?

Store closures announced in July 2020:

  • Birmingham.
  • Croydon.
  • Watford.
  • Newbury.
  • Swindon.
  • Tamworth.
  • St Pancras.
  • Heathrow.

Is John Lewis going bust?

John Lewis has come forward and revealed there will be more store closures across the UK after coronavirus has see them suffer huge losses. The retail group confirmed a loss of £517m for 2020-21 compared to a £146m profit the year before.

What Debenhams stores are closing in 2020?

The store closures will result in 1,000 jobs being axed, a spokesperson from Debenhams has confirmed to The Sun. Debenhams has today (May 7) confirmed the following five stores won’t reopen:

  • Birmingham – Bullring.
  • Croydon – Centrale Shopping Centre.
  • Glasgow – Silverburn.
  • Leicester – High Cross.
  • Reading – Oracle.

Why is Debenhams failing?

Debenhams was left with many underperforming shops which came with high costs, including rising rents, business rates, wages and maintenance. Ms Hinton says this made turning the business around almost impossible when coronavirus hit. And Mr Hyman says a lack of strong leadership in previous years added to the problem.

Why is Debenhams closing?

Debenhams went into liquidation late last year after a rescue deal for the iconic department store chain fell through. The company had been struggling for years to keep up with online competitors, and the Covid-19 pandemic and consequent store closures delivered the final blow.

Can you buy non-essential items in Wales?

Non – essential aisles in supermarkets will be able to reopen From 22 March. First introduced during Wales ‘ firebreak lockdown, First Minister Mark Drakeford said at the time the supermarket ban on selling non – essential items was a “straightforward matter of fairness”.

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Are all shops open in Wales?

All shops can re- open Essential retail has remained open throughout the pandemic but many shops deemed non-essential have been closed. Supermarkets were also banned from selling non-essential items but that restriction was lifted on March 22. From April 12 all shops will be allowed to re- open.

Can shops sell non-essential items?

From today, supermarkets can sell non – essential items and garden centres can reopen. Non – essential items such as electrical goods, clothes, toys and kids games have been cordoned off in supermarkets since level 4 restrictions came into force in December.

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