How Far Is Wrexham From Cardiff?

How much is a train ticket from Cardiff to Wrexham?

Cardiff Central to Wrexham General by train

Journey time From 2h 22m
Price From £26
Distance 109 miles (175 km)
Frequency 14 trains per day
Departure station Cardiff Central

Can I travel from Wrexham to Cardiff?

Yes, the driving distance between Wrexham to Cardiff is 140 miles. It takes approximately 2h 48m to drive from Wrexham to Cardiff.

How far is Wrexham to Cardiff?

The distance between Wrexham and Cardiff Central is 109 miles.

How far is Barry from Cardiff?

How far is it from Cardiff to Barry? It is 7 miles from Cardiff to Barry. It is approximately 10.5 miles to drive.

How much is train from Cardiff to Barry?

The best way to get from Cardiff to Barry Island is to train which takes 29 min and costs £11 – £17. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs £2 and takes 53 min.

Where in Wales is Barry Island?

Barry Island ( Welsh: Ynys y Barri) is a district, peninsula and seaside resort, forming part of the town of Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales. It is named after the 6th century Saint Baruc.

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