How Far Newport To Cardiff?

How much is a train ticket from Newport to Cardiff?

It takes an average of 18m to travel from Newport (South Wales) to Cardiff Central by train, over a distance of around 11 miles (18 km). There are normally 144 trains per day travelling from Newport (South Wales) to Cardiff Central and tickets for this journey start from £5.40 when you book in advance.

How long does it take to get from Newport to Cardiff?

Yes, the driving distance between Cardiff to Newport is 14 miles. It takes approximately 18 min to drive from Cardiff to Newport.

How far is Newport from Cardiff?

Distance between Cardiff and Newport is 17 kilometers (11 miles ). Driving distance from Cardiff to Newport is 24 kilometers (15 miles ).

How far is Newport from Bristol?

The distance between Bristol and Newport is 20 miles.

What time is the last train from Cardiff to Newport?

The last train from Cardiff Central to Newport (South Wales) leaves at 00:30.

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How much is a train from Newport to Bristol?

Newport (South Wales) to Bristol Temple Meads by train

Journey time From 30m
Price From £3.60
Distance 20 miles (33 km)
Frequency 35 trains per day
Departure station Newport (South Wales)

How much is a train ticket from Swansea to Cardiff?

Swansea to Cardiff Central by train

Journey time From 52m
Price From £5
Distance 34 miles (55 km)
Frequency 69 trains per day
First train 02:46

How far is Barry from Newport?

Distance between Barry and Newport is 29 kilometers (18 miles). Driving distance from Barry to Newport is 41 kilometers (26 miles).

How do I get from Bristol to Cardiff?

The quickest way to get from Bristol to Cardiff is to taxi which costs £90 – £110 and takes 48 min. Is there a direct bus between Bristol and Cardiff? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Bristol Bus & Coach Station station and arriving at Cardiff Coach Station, Sophia Gardens station.

How far is Newport from Swansea?

How far is it from Newport to Swansea? The distance between Newport and Swansea is 41 miles.

Can I travel from Bristol to Newport Wales?

Passengers looking to travel from Bristol to Newport ( Wales ) can travel with megabus and National Express. Compare all available bus tickets with our search engine to book the trip that works best for you.

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