How Many Miles From Cardiff To Lincolnshire?

How far is Lincolnshire from Cardiff?

It takes an average of 6h 39m to travel from Cardiff Central to Lincoln by train, over a distance of around 164 miles (265 km). Cardiff Central to Lincoln by train.

Journey time From 4h 23m
Distance 164 miles (265 km)
Frequency 26 trains per day
Departure station Cardiff Central
Arrival station Lincoln

How far is Lincolnshire from London?

The distance between London and Lincolnshire is 115 miles.

How far is Skegness from Cardiff?

The distance between Cardiff Central and Skegness is 188 miles.

How far is Lincolnshire from Birmingham?

The distance between Birmingham and Lincolnshire is 84 miles.

Is Lincolnshire poor?

East Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire can also be found at #10 in the list of the poor.

Is Lincolnshire a nice place to live?

Lincolnshire has fairly good overall employment rates, with 75% of people living in Lincolnshire having a job. 41% of the population of Lincolnshire in 2015 were working normal full time hours of 35-45 hours a week.

How much is a train ticket from Birmingham to London?

Train tickets from Birmingham to London start at £5.50 one way for a Standard Class ticket if you book in advance.

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Is Birmingham close to Lincoln?

Distance between Birmingham and Lincoln is 123 kilometers (77 miles). Driving distance from Birmingham to Lincoln is 160 kilometers (99 miles).

How much is a train from Birmingham to Leicester?

Birmingham to Leicester by train

Journey time From 48m
Price From £5.30
Distance 34 miles (54 km)
Frequency 39 trains per day
Departure station Birmingham

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