Often asked: How Far Is Drayton Manor From Cardiff?

Is Drayton Manor any good?

Drayton Manor Good variety of rides in Thomas Land. No queues at all for rides all day. Firms like this need supporting. Staff visibly cleaning rides thoroughly and often – they are doing a great job and going above and beyond.

How much does it cost to get into Drayton Manor?

DRAYTON Manor is cutting ticket prices by up to a third ahead of the summer. Families can get a group ticket for just £90, saving more than £15 per person. Current ticket prices cost £39.50 if buying online on the day with the 4-for-90 deal instead costing £22.50 per person.

Is Drayton Manor shutting down?

The park is now owned by the Looping Group after it went into insolvency when it was owned by Drayton Manor Park Limited. “We acquired the park out of insolvency in the summer of 2020 when it was forced into insolvency due to coronavirus.

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How do you get to Drayton Manor without a car?

Getting to Drayton Manor by train is simple – travel by train to Tamworth station then take a short taxi ride direct to the Park or hop on the Arriva bus that picks up passengers opposite the station entrance.

Is Drayton Manor Open 2020?

The site will be opened in phases, Drayton Manor confirmed. Phase 1 will be from Saturday 4 July – Friday 17 July with Thomas Land, the Zoo and selected family rides available. Phase 2 will be from Saturday 18 July – Saturday 31 October with the whole park open (excluding rides that are closed due to COVID-19).

What is the scariest ride at Drayton Manor?

Apocalypse opened in the year 2000 and is the first stand up drop tower ride in the world. Once voted ‘Britain’s Scariest Ride,’ it’s still a firm favourite for all thrill seekers who visit Drayton Manor Park.

Can you do Drayton Manor in a day?

one day is more than enough to spend at drayton manor as it’s not like Disneyworld. its quite small by comparison to other theme parks. Although waiting times for rides ate between 30-45 mins but you will need to prioritise the rides or things to do.

Is there a swimming pool at Drayton Manor Hotel?

No it doesn’t. over a year ago.

Do you have to pay for rides at Drayton Manor?

Tickets include access to Drayton Manor Theme Park, Thomas Land and Zoo, there is no separate charge for any rides.

Is Drayton Manor in trouble?

A family-run theme park hit by Storm Dennis and coronavirus has been sold after entering administration. Drayton Manor, in Tamworth, has been run by three generations of the Bryan family since opening in 1950.

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Who owns Drayton Manor now?

Drayton Manor theme park has been sold to the Looping Group – a European company operating 15 leisure parks across the UK, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

Do they sell alcohol at Drayton Manor?

9. The consumption of intoxicating liquors is permitted only within Drayton Manor Park’s own licensed premises and not in any other location within the Park. Drayton Manor Park will endeavour to ensure that as many rides and attractions as possible are available for use by visitors.

Does the 110 bus go to Drayton Manor?

Bus services 110 – Catch the Arriva 110 bus from Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield or Tamworth for a relaxing journey on our Sapphire service, setting you up for a fun day out. Stopping a short walk away from Drayton Manor Park entrance, exit the bus at ‘The Square’ island in Fazeley.

What months is Drayton Manor open?

Opening Times for Drayton Manor

  • In 2021 the Drayton Manor theme park is open on most dates from 12th April until 31st October.
  • It is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays in September and October.
  • The gates open at 10am, rides start at 10.30am, and the closing time is usually 5pm.
  • When planning your visit please check the current opening times here.

How far is Drayton Manor Hotel from the theme park?

Overnight stay in a Thomas & Friends themed room, just 10 minutes’ walk from Thomas Land. Theme Park tickets.

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