Often asked: How Long Is A Flight From Cardiff To Italy?

How long is a flight from Wales to Italy?

Flight time from Cardiff to Rome is 2 hours 23 minutes.

Can you fly from Cardiff to Italy?

There are no direct flights from Cardiff to Italy, but Cheapflights can provide you with all the information you need to find the fastest route with the fewest stops.

How long is a direct flight to Italy?

An average nonstop flight from the United States to Italy takes 12h 53m, covering a distance of 4821 miles.

How long is a flight to Italy from UK?

Flying time from London, United Kingdom to Italy The total flight duration from London, United Kingdom to Italy is 2 hours, 12 minutes.

How far is Italy from Wales?

Distance between Wales and Italy is 1633 KM / 1014.9 miles.

Can you fly to Rome from Cardiff?

Currently no airlines offer direct flights from Cardiff to Rome. Indirect flights are available through Vueling via Barcelona and KLM Cityhopper via Amsterdam. Alternatively, you can fly direct from Bristol Airport which is about an hour away from Cardiff by road. Check flights from Bristol to Rome.

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Can you fly from Cardiff to Milan?

There are 2 airlines who fly direct from Cardiff to Milan. How many flights are there a week from Cardiff to Milan? As of May, there are 2 flights per week flying from Cardiff to Milan.

How long is a flight to Italy from Bristol?

Flight time from Bristol to Rome is 4 hours 30 minutes.

What is the cheapest way to get to Italy?

The easiest and most affordable way to travel around Europe is by train. There are train stations in most European cities and larger towns, and the trains run frequently between countries. Italia Rail offers several possible journeys between Germany and Italy, including from Berlin, Munich and Hamburg.

What is the cheapest month to go to Italy?

Based on flight booking data from 2018, we predict November will be the cheapest month to fly to Italy. Prices will likely be up to 22% cheaper than the average yearly flight price. Traveling to Italy in June is likely to be the most expensive.

What is the best month to go to Italy?

The best months for traveling in much of Italy are from April to June and mid-September to October: Temperatures are usually comfortable, rural colors are rich, and the crowds aren’t too intense (except around Easter). From July through early September the country’s holiday spots teem with visitors.

How expensive is it to fly to Italy?

During the summer months, flights from major U.S. cities to Italy can cost over $1,000 per person. In less popular months, flights average $500-600 from major U.S. cities. Use websites like Kayak and Skyscanner to find the best fares, or look into using frequent flier miles to book your flights.

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How can I fly to Italy from UK?

Entry to Italy from the UK If you wish to fly, you must present the airline with a negative COVID-19 rapid antigenic or molecular swab test taken no more than 48 hours before travel. You must download and complete a self-declaration form from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before travel.

Are there any flights to Italy from UK?

Flights to northern Italy If you are heading to the north of the country, low-cost flights to Italy from UK airports are in abundance. Touch down at Milan-Malpensa Airport (MXP) with British Airways, Ryanair, easyJet or Alitalia, Italy’s national airline. The journey time is one hour and 55 minutes from London.

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