Often asked: How To Get To Cardiff Passed The Prison?

How do I book a visit to Cardiff prison?

You can book visits by phone on t029 2092 3327 during the week or by email at socialvisits. cardiff @hmps.gsi.gov.uk. Don’t assume you have successfully booked a visit until the prison has confirmed the details with you. There is a Visitors’ Centre that is open 7 days per week run by a national charity click here..

What category is Cardiff prison?

HM Prison Cardiff is a Category B men’s prison, located in the Adamsdown area of Cardiff, Wales. The prison is operated by Her Majesty’s Prison Service.

How do I send a letter to Cardiff prison?

Letters. You can write at any time. Include the person’s name and prisoner number on the envelope. If you do not know their prisoner number, contact Cardiff Prison.

What is E Wing in Cardiff prison?

HP41 Indeterminate-sentenced prisoners had negative views about their time at the establishment. E wing was the designated lifer wing but there was no differentiation in the regime or facilities, and no lifer days. Parole dossiers were up to date.

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Can I book a prison visit online?

When requesting a visit online you will need to choose up to three dates and times then once the prison visit centre receive the request they will process it and email you a confirmation of the time and date of the visit.

How do I book a visit to prison?

You can book visits by calling 020 8588 4002. Booking line opening hours are Mon to Fri 08:00 – 16.30., or by email [email protected] you will need the name, prison number of the who you want to visit and the names,dates of birth and addresses of any visitors.

What time do prisoners go to bed?

24 Hours in Prison

8:00 return to dorm return to dorm
9:00-10:00 remain in housing area
11:00 lights out; go to sleep
12:00-4:00 lights out; sleep


What crimes are Category C?

Initial Category C Serving a current sentence of 12 months or more for violence, threat of violence, arson, sex offences, drug dealing or importation. A history of absconding, failing to surrender or breaching a bail condition. The prisoner has an outstanding confiscation order or further charges.

What prisons are Category A?

Generally speaking, category A prisons are reserved for inmates who have been determined a threat to the public, the police or national security. These are:

  • HMP Belmarsh.
  • HMP Frankland.
  • HMP Full Sutton.
  • HMP Long Lartin.
  • HMP Manchester.
  • HMP Wakefield.
  • HMP Whitemoor.
  • HMP Woodhill.

Can I send clothes to a prisoner?

The rules specify that clothes can only be brought into prison on 1 occasion, but some prisons take a more relaxed attitude than this, particularly during the first weeks of your sentence.

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How do I contact a prisoner?

You can contact a prisoner by writing to them. Write the person’s prisoner number on the envelope. Normally there’s no limit on the number of letters you can send. Most letters sent to and from prison are checked by prison staff.

How do I send a letter to a prisoner?

General Rules of Writing an Inmate in Prison

  1. Write the full name of the prisoner.
  2. Include the prisoner’s ID number.
  3. Write your name and the return address on the envelope and in the letter.
  4. Choose the correct envelope size.
  5. Don’t put perfume on the letter.
  6. Don’t decorate the letter in any way.

What is E Wing in prison?

E wing – first night and induction unit. F wing – vulnerable prisoner unit.

How many inmates does Cardiff prison hold?

Opened in 1832, the prison is in Adamsdown, Cardiff and can hold 784 male prisoners. A total of 20 executions took place at HMP Cardiff, the last being 28 year old Mahmood Mattan on the 3 September 1952.

Was Cardiff indoor market a prison?

A new gaol was established in Cardiff in the 16th century, occupying a site on the High Street. After the Home Office took over responsibility for corrections in the Prison Act 1877, the prison was expanded and the gaol finally closed. After demolition, the site became the new location of Cardiff Market.

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