Often asked: Tiger Who Came To Tea Cardiff?

What did the tiger who came to tea drink?

And the tiger drunk all the milk in the milk jug and all the tea in the teapot. Then he looked around the kitchen to see what else he could find. He ate all the supper that was cooking in the saucepans… … and he drank all the milk, and all the orange juice, and all daddy’s beer, and all the water in the tap.

How long is the tiger who came to tea stage show?

Running time: Approx 55 minutes (no interval).

When did Tigers come to tea?

Judith married the celebrated screenwriter Nigel Kneale in 1954. She left the BBC to look after their two children, who inspired her first picture book, The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Published in 1968 and never out of print in the fifty years since, it has become a much-loved classic and perennial bestseller.

In which London hotel is The Tiger Who Came to afternoon tea located?

The Tiger Who Came to Tea at The Savoy.

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Did a tiger really come to tea?

Newsnight presenter, Emily Maitlis, asked Judith Kerr if the story was an allegory for the 1960s sexual revolution “where normal mores and suburban life became up-ended by this wild and exotic animal”. Kerr’s response really made me laugh: “No. It was just about a tiger coming to tea.”

What channel is the tiger who came to tea?

The Tiger Who Came To Tea is broadcast on Channel 4 on Tuesday 24 December at 19:30 GMT and repeated on Wednesday 25 December at 13:50.

Is the tiger who came to tea on at Christmas?

The new hand-drawn animated Channel 4 special, produced by Lupus Films and HarperCollins, of The Tiger Who Came to Tea had its red-carpet premiere last weekend at The Odeon in Leicester Square in London, and is set to premiere on Channel 4 this Christmas eve.

Is Afternoon Tea worth it at Claridges?

For us, Afternoon Tea at Claridges was a good value – lovely venue, great service, and an enjoyable AT experience. However, “value,” is in the eyes of the beholder, and remember, we are but daft “Yanks.”

What is the cheapest room at the Savoy?

Prices range depending on which room guests want to stay in and what time of year. The cheapest Superior Queen Room starts at around £570 for one night, while a Junior suite starts at around £1,100.

What is the best place in London for afternoon tea?


  • Teatime for Two, Le Deli Robuchon.
  • Afternoon tea at The Wolseley.
  • Afternoon tea at Oblix West, The Shard.
  • Traditional afternoon tea at The Savoy.
  • Afternoon tea at Claridge’s, Mayfair.
  • Afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason.
  • Afternoon tea at Sketch in Mayfair.

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