Often asked: What Is The Area Code For Cardiff Wales?

How do I call Cardiff?

The Cardiff 029 Area Code ( Cardiff Dialling Code) The 029 area code is a 2 digit geographical dialling code (excluding the zero) used in telecommunications for the Cardiff area. The local telephone numbers within the 029 are 8 digits long.

What area code is 0292?

Cardiff Telephone Numbers 0292 is not an area code in its own right. The area code is in fact 029, and the following 2 is part of the local number. The 029 area code covers Cardiff and the surrounding area.

What phone code is 02902?

The german phone code 02902 represents Warstein in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

How do I call Wales?

How to call Wales from USA and Canada

  1. enter the exit code ‘011’;
  2. dial Wales country code: 44;
  3. dial the area code: For example “YY” is London area phone code;
  4. add the Welsh phone number without the leading ‘0’.

How many numbers are in a Wales phone number?

The total number of digits is ten but, in a very few areas, the total may be nine digits (after the initial zero). The “area code” is also referred to as an “STD (code)” (subscriber trunk dialling) or a “dialling code” in the UK.

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How do I call Cardiff Wales from us?

Dial the following to call Cardiff, United Kingdom from United States

  1. 011 – Exit code when making an international call from United States.
  2. 44 – UK country code for inbound calls.
  3. 29 – Cardiff city code.
  4. 011 + 44 + 29 + Local Number – International dialing code format.

Are 029 numbers free?

When calling from a land line, calls to 029 numbers can cost up to 10p per minute, dependent on the time of day, and there is usually also a call set-up fee.

How do I call Wales from India?

How to call Wales from India? To make an international call from India to Wales mobile or land line, you should know the ISD code of Wales which is 44. You must also know the area calling code of the city or town or village to which you are planning to call. Check the above table to select your area code in Wales.

Who called 0292?

0292 is Cardiff area but 02924 seems to indicate it originated from outside the UK.

What is EE access charge?

The Access Charge is the amount that is charged by EE and the Service Charge is charged by the organisation you are calling. The amount of the Service Charge is set by them, and should be stated anywhere the number is advertised.

What area code is 01902?

The Wolverhampton 01902 Area Code ( Wolverhampton Dialling Code) The 01902 area code is a 4 digit geographical dialling code (excluding the zero) used in telecommunications for the Wolverhampton area. The local telephone numbers within the 01902 are 6 digits long.

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Where does the code 02920 come from?

Telephone numbers starting with the 029 area code are for Cardiff and the surrounding area. Numbers currently in use in the Cardiff area include: 02920 numbers.

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