Often asked: What Roads Are Shut In Cardiff?

Is the a470 still closed?

There are no current incidents or roadworks on the a470.

Can I drive down Westgate Street Cardiff?

When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Cardiff’s Castle Street is set to reopen to buses and taxis – but cars will still be unable to drive down it.

Is Cardiff Station Terrace closed?

Station Terrace is currently closed from its junction with Newport Road and Dumfries Place between 10:00 – 18:00 daily. If you need to get around the closure then the best way is to go from Newport Road to Fitzalan Place, Adam Street and then Bute Terrace. Access for buses, taxis & residents are all being maintained.

Is Cardiff Castleroad open?

Castle Street will reopen to buses, taxis and emergency vehicles, although a pop-up cycleway which has been in place during the pandemic will remain. The pavement opposite the castle will be widened to allow extra outdoor seating for cafes and more room for pedestrians to socially distance.

Is the a4232 closed tonight?

There are no current incidents or roadworks on the a4232.

Why is the A479 closed?

Where and Why? The A479 was closed following the landslip during Storm Dennis. Works to renew and improve highway drainage have now been successfully completed. This will reduce the risk of further deterioration before and after the permanent slope works are carried out.

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Who is responsible for roadworks?

The majority of roadworks in the borough are carried out by private utility companies to install, renew or repair their equipment.

Can I drive on Castle Street Cardiff?

Castle Street in Cardiff could reopen to private cars again depending on the results of a newly launched public consultation. The street, a main road through the city centre, was shut in June last year, then later used as a public dining area last summer.

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