Often asked: What Time Does John Lewis Car Park Close Cardiff?

What time does John Lewis Cardiff car park close?

Is there overnight parking available at John Lewis Cardiff? Yes, overnight parking is available in the St David’s shopping centre car park at John Lewis Cardiff. The car park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a flat rate parking charge of £4 for parking between 5pm and 6am.

Where can I park overnight in Cardiff?

Overnight parking is available in most of Cardiff’s off-street car parks, with NCP likely being your most suitable and cost-effective option – providing 9 city centre car parks that operate 24 hours a day.

How long can you park in Waitrose car park?

Everyone, regardless if you are the Waitrose customer or not, can park cars free of charge for a maximum of one and a half hours.

How much is St Davids parking Cardiff?

St David’s Centre car park The shopping centre’s car park will set you back £5 for up to four hours, and £6 for up to five. This car park is open 24/7 and evening parking (between 5pm and 9pm) will cost you £2.

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What John Lewis stores are closing?

These eight John Lewis shops are in addition to the initial eight shops that were revealed to be closing back in July 2020. Store closures announced in July 2020:

  • Birmingham.
  • Croydon.
  • Watford.
  • Newbury.
  • Swindon.
  • Tamworth.
  • St Pancras.
  • Heathrow.

Can you check stock at John Lewis?

Our website provides the option for you to check how much stock we have in each of our shops. To check if your item is iavailable, our ‘ Check in-store stock ‘ link is located below the ‘Add to Basket’ button.

How much is parking at Sophia Gardens Cardiff?

Sophia Gardens Car Park

Duration Fee
1 hours £2.10
2 hours £3.40
3 hours £4.10
4 hours £5.10

How much is parking in Cardiff Bay?

Parking fees:

1 hour £2.10
2 hours £3.40
3 hours £4.10
4 hours £5.10
5 hours £6.10

Where can I park my car in Cardiff Bay?

  • 183 Havannah Street. 238 spaces. £3.402 hours. 14 minto destination.
  • 10 Adam Street. 430 spaces. £5.502 hours. 44 minto destination.
  • 1 Knox Road. 747 spaces. 55 minto destination.
  • 2 Greyfriars Road. 254 spaces. 6′ 10″
  • 8 Severn Road. 110 spaces.

Is Waitrose car park free?

You can park for free if you’re shopping in Waitrose, but if you’re just visiting the surrounding areas then our reasonable hourly rates give you an affordable parking solution.

Who owns Britannia Parking?

The staff of approximately 300 employees administrates and manages over 300 car park facilities throughout the United Kingdom. Britannia Parking is wholly owned by the directors and is a member of both The British Parking Association and the industry’s Approved Operators Scheme.

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How does Waitrose self scan work?

Simply scan and pack your shopping straight into your bags. You’ll see a running total of your spend on the handset, plus you’ll hear a beep to alert you to special offers. When you’ve finished just pay and go, with no need to unpack at the checkout.

Is St Davids parking free?

Let’s do our bit to help. So, from us to you: all NHS workers can park for free at St David’s. We can do this. To claim free parking, please visit the Guest Services team on the first floor near Starbucks who will provide you with a ticket.

Are dogs allowed in St Davids Centre Cardiff?

St David’s shopping arcade is nearby. Pets are allowed but charges may be applicable. Again, check before you book. The four-star Copthorne Hotel at Culverhouse Cross, is 10 minutes from the city centre with an award-winning restaurant and a modern health club.

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