Often asked: Where Is Cardiff Royal Infirmary?

When did Cardiff Royal Infirmary close?

The Cardiff Royal Infirmary closed in 1999 and casualty service transferred to the University Hospital, Cardiff Health, Cardiff CF4 4XW.

Is there parking at Cardiff Royal Infirmary?

Information about parking near Cardiff Royal Infirmary Any spaces with the lightning bolt icon can be reserved and paid for in advance via the JustPark website or app – which means you have a guaranteed place to park, an easy experience when you arrive, and a less stressful hospital visit.

What is the biggest hospital in Wales?

The hospital is the third largest University Hospital in the UK, and the largest hospital in Wales. The hospital was previously managed by Cardiff & Vale NHS Trust.

University Hospital of Wales
Emergency department Yes
Beds 1,080
Helipad Yes


How old is Cardiff Royal Infirmary?

Cardiff Royal Infirmary (known locally as the CRI) (Welsh: Ysbyty Brenhinol Caerdydd) is a hospital in central Cardiff, Wales.

Cardiff Royal Infirmary
Opened 1822
Lists Hospitals in Wales


What is the largest hospital in the UK?

Largest hospital St George’s Hospital is the largest in the UK, caring for 1.3 million people in southwest London, as well as populations in Surrey and Sussex, totaling around 3.5 million. It has 1,300 beds and 8,500 staff, as well as several centres of excellence, such as its stroke care and cardiology unit.

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How many NHS hospitals are there in Wales?

There are currently 3 NHS Trusts in Wales with an all – Wales focus.

Does Llandough Hospital have A and E?

University Hospital Llandough (Penarth) – Health The Accident and Emergency ( A&E ) department or Emergency Department at hospital is for major, life-threatening illnesses and injuries. For further information relating to the services offered at this hospital, contact by telephone or visit the website.

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