Often asked: Where Is The New Cardiff Bus Station?

How many bus stations are there in Cardiff?

Many bus services stop at the twenty railway stations within the city. The Cardiff Waterbus connects with bus services at Central Station and at Cardiff Bay.

What is being built in Central Square Cardiff?

Three Central Square is the site for the new headquarters of BBC Cymru Wales, a Foster & Partners designed building over 5 storeys totalling 180,000 sq ft which will be handed over to the BBC for fitting out in May 2018 and will be fully occupied and operational in 2019.

Are Cardiff buses running on Boxing Day?

There will be no buses running on Christmas Day, and a special timetable running across certain routes on Boxing Day. Cardiff Bus will also be offering free travel on selected routes from approximately 7.30pm on New Year’s Eve, thanks to sponsorship from bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis.

What Cardiff bus goes to Culverhouse Cross?

The 17 is the first Bus that goes to Culverhouse Cross in Cardiff.

How much is Cardiff Bus?

The service 30 Day Return ticket prices are: Adult £4.50.

What bus goes to Heath hospital Cardiff?

New service 8 will operate between Heath Hospital and Cardiff Bay via the city centre. From the Heath Hospital buses will follow the existing 38 route and on arrival at the city centre follow the existing 8 route to Cardiff Bay.

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What bus goes to Ocean Way Cardiff?

The 2 is the first Bus that goes to Ocean Way in Cardiff.

What bus goes to Cardiff Bay?

By Bus. The Baycar (Service 6) is the easiest way to get between Cardiff city centre and the Bay. Buses run every 12 mins Mon – Fri and every 15 mins Sat – Sun day times/every 20 mins in the evenings.

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