Readers ask: What To Do On Christmas Day In Cardiff?

What’s Open in Cardiff on Christmas Day? Cardiff Granny Mac’s. Christmas dinner and take out service for anyone who will be alone. Maes y Coed Community Centre. Salvation Army – Grangetown. 4Winds. Belauh United Reformed Church. The Ivor Hael Hotel. Ponty Elim Church. O’Shea’s Cafe and Takeaway. What is there to do in Wales at […]

Question: When Is Mrs Brown In Cardiff?

Where can I see Mrs Brown? Watch Mrs Brown on Netflix Today! What time is all round to Mrs Brown’s on tonight? All Round To Mrs Brown’s series 4 airs Saturday nights at 9:15PM on BBC one from March 21. Is Grandad leaving Mrs Brown? “He said ‘You’re playing granddad ‘ — That was […]