Question: How Far Is Bristol Airport From Cardiff?

Is there a bus from Bristol Airport to Cardiff?

Bus from Bristol Airport to Cardiff with megabus.

How do I get from Bristol Airport to Cardiff?

The quickest transfer from Bristol Airport to Cardiff is provided by The South West Falcon and takes 1h 50m. Bus tickets for this connection cost £7.20.

How much is a taxi from Cardiff to Bristol airport?

UK Airport Transfers

Cardiff City Centre to Cardiff Airport £ 30.00
Cardiff to Bristol Airport £ 82.00
Cardiff to Birmingham Airport  £ 160.00
Cardiff to Heathrow Airport  £ 165.00
Cardiff to Gatwick Airport  £ 210.00

How long does it take to get from Bristol Airport to Cardiff?

Yes, the driving distance between Cardiff to Bristol Airport (BRS) is 47 miles. It takes approximately 56 min to drive from Cardiff to Bristol Airport (BRS).

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How much is train from Cardiff to Bristol?

It takes an average of 56m to travel from Cardiff Central to Bristol Temple Meads by train, over a distance of around 26 miles (42 km). There are normally 38 trains per day travelling from Cardiff Central to Bristol Temple Meads and tickets for this journey start from £3.60 when you book in advance.

How much is the Bristol airport bus?

The Airport Flyer Express bus service gets you quickly from the airport to Bristol or Weston-super-Mare. Bristol service: It runs 24 hours daily, up to every 10 minutes. The route follows the Bedminster – Bristol Temple Meads – Bristol Bus & Coach Station line. One way adult ticket is £8 (£7 if pre-booked online).

Is the Bristol airport bus running?

As a result of significantly reduced passenger traffic, the A1 Bristol Flyer and A3 Weston-super-Mare Flyer bus services are currently suspended until April 2021.

Is there a train from Cardiff to Bristol airport?

Coach from Cardiff & Newport to Bristol Airport Our direct Cardiff City Centre to Newport to Bristol Airport service runs up to 5 times a day. The fastest service from Cardiff to the airport will take 1 hour 55 mins, while the fastest service from Newport to Bristol Airport will take just 50 mins.

Is there a train to Cardiff Airport?

There are train services to Cardiff Airport from all over the UK arriving at Rhoose station where a shuttle bus service is available. Trains run hourly with a journey time of approximately 45 minutes from Cardiff Central Station.

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How much is a taxi from London to Cardiff?

What is the estimated fare from London to Cardiff?

Type of Cab Capacity Estimated fare
Standard 3 £ 200
MPV 6 £ 237
Minivan 8 £ 272
Executive 3 £ 249

How do I book a taxi Cardiff?

Book a local taxi in Cardiff | 02920 333 333 | Private Hire | Dragon Taxis. With access to more than 1200 licensed private hire taxis across South Wales, you can count on us to get you where you need to be.

Does Uber operate in Cardiff?

The ride hailing firm has operated in Cardiff since April 2016 and has a five-year licence due for renewal in 2021. Now Cardiff Council has responded to the latest decision taken by TfL and said it had no reason to revoke Uber’s licence in the Welsh capital.

How much is the bus from Bristol Airport to Bristol Temple Meads?

The best way to get from Bristol Airport (BRS) to Bristol Temple Meads without a car is to bus which takes 28 min and costs £9.

What bus goes to Bristol airport?

The Stagecoach Falcon service links Bristol Airport with Plymouth, Exeter and Taunton. Operates 7 journeys a day, 7 days a week. The Bath Bus Company operates a service between Bath and Bristol Airport, stopping at Saltford, Keynsham, Hengrove Park and Bishopsworth Village.

Can you get a train to Bristol airport?

There is no train station at the airport, but it is still easy to travel to Bristol Airport via train. CrossCountry will take you to Bristol Temple Meads Station where you can jump on the Airport Flyer Express and arrive at the airport 30 minutes later.

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