Question: How Many Times Has The Uefa Champions League Happened In Cardiff?

Who has won the Champions League the most times?

Clubs with most titles in the UEFA Champions League* from 1955 to 2020

UEFA Champions League titles
Real Madrid 13
AC Milan 7
Liverpool FC 6
FC Bayern München 6

Who has won the Champions League 4 times?

Players who have won the most Champions League trophies

Player Number of CL titles* Clubs
Lionel Messi 4 Barcelona
Joseito 4 Real Madrid
Phil Neal 4 Liverpool
Jose Santamaría 4 Real Madrid


Which player has the highest number of appearances in the UEFA Champions League?

The player with the most appearances is Iker Casillas, who has played 177 times in the Champions League.

How many Champions League has Messi won?

He has spent his entire professional career with Barcelona, where he has won a club-record 35 trophies, including ten La Liga titles, seven Copa del Rey titles and four UEFA Champions Leagues.

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Who is the king of Champions League?

As you can see from our table below, Cristiano Ronaldo is the top scorer in the history of the Champions League (including the European Cup). He is closely followed by his arch-rival, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.

Does every player get a Champions League trophy?

That rule was changed ahead of the 2008-09 season and now UEFA keeps the original, with the Champions League winners now given a replica trophy instead. As such, while Barcelona won their fifth Champions League title in 2015, they were not allowed to keep the original.

Which footballer has won the most trophies?

Football Players With the Most Trophies

  • Dani Alves: 39.
  • Oleksandr Shovkovskiy: 36.
  • Andres Iniesta: 35.
  • Ryan Giggs: 34.
  • Lionel Messi: 34.
  • Maxwell: 33.
  • Gerard Pique: 32.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 31.

Who is the first player to score in UEFA Champions League?

Amokachi scored the first goal of the UEFA Champions League with Club Brugge on 25 November 1992, beating CSKA Moscow 1–0.

Which player has played the most football games?

Peter Shilton – 1,390 In poll position and capping our most games played list is none other than England legend Peter Shilton. Starting over 100 games for 5 different clubs, Shilton owns the record for most football appearances of all time with an incredible 1,390 matches in total.

Which player has won the Champions League with three different clubs?

The only player to have won the UEFA Champions League with three different teams – Ajax, Real Madrid and AC Milan – Clarence Seedorf considers himself to have a special bond with Europe’s premier club competition.

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Who has won more trophies Liverpool or Man Utd?

And so, if Community Shield titles are to count in the trophy haul, Man Utd have won 66 major titles to Liverpool’s 62, sealing their status as the most successful side in England. More videos on YouTube.

Competition Man Utd titles Liverpool titles
Total 66 62


How much money do you get for winning the Champions League?

The formula is simple: the farther a club advances, the more money it makes. For the 2019-20 campaign, the Champions League winner received €19,000,000, with the runner-up taking home €15,000,000. That’s on top of the money each finalist accrued along the way.

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