Question: How Much Is A Cardiff Pound Coin Worth?

How much is the Cardiff one pound coin worth?

Wales: Cardiff City £ 1 This coin is also “very scarce”, with just over 1.5 million minted. The coin was issued during 2011 and shows the Coat of Arms of Cardiff representing Wales. We found two of these listed as sold on eBay for £14.99 each.

Are any 1 pound coins valuable?

The rarest of these is the Edinburgh City design, which came into circulation in 2011, and gets the highest score possible on the index. According to The Sun, the Edinburgh design is the only £ 1 coin with a mintage below one million – with 935,000 coins in circulation.

Which old pound coins are valuable?

Rarest and most valuable £ 1 coins worth up to £16 revealed as Royal Mint admits 145million round pounds still haven’t been returned

  • Edinburgh (2011) – worth £16.
  • Cardiff (2011) – worth £5.55.
  • London (2010) – worth £4.
  • Royal Arms (2008) – worth £3.20.
  • Scotland (2014) – worth £2.
  • Ireland (2014) – worth £2.99.
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Are 1983 pound coins worth anything?

How Much is the 1983 1 Pound Coin Worth? The mintage for the 1983 coin is the highest of all the round pound coins: 443,000,000. Not surprisingly, this is considered a very common coin. For a circulation coin, you’ll have to spend £2.99 on eBay as of 2019.

How many different old pound coins are there?

There were 46 different ROUND £1 coins – 5 of which were available in sets only (1998, 1999, 2015 shield, 2016 shield, 2016 last round pound ). Specifications of the £1 coin are shown at the bottom of this page.

What are the rarest 2 pound coins?

The rarest of these are the 2 – pound coins minted in 2002 that celebrate the 2002 Commonwealth Games and bear the flag of Northern Island. Only 485,500 of these coins were ever minted.

Can you still take old 1 coins to the bank?

If you find an old £ 1 coin, you can ‘t spend it but you can take it to your bank to deposit into your account at the following: Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Clydesdale, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds, Nationwide, NatWest, The Post Office, RBS, Santander, Ulster and Yorkshire Bank.

Do banks still accept old 1 coins 2020?

If you take your coins in, they can either be exchanged for new ones or deposited into your bank account, and there is no minimum or maximum number that can be exchanged at once.

What two pound coins are valuable?

Here’s which coins came up trumps and how much circulated versions – the ones cropping up in your change – have recently sold for on eBay.

  • 2002 Commonwealth Games Northern Ireland – £85.
  • 2002 Commonwealth Games England – £40.
  • London 2012 handover – £59.
  • Olympic handover – £34.
  • King James Bible – £49.
  • Olympic centenary – £26.
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What coins are worth keeping?

You may have some coins worth big money sitting in your pocket right now. There are many reasonably valuable U.S. error coins and die varieties in circulation today.

  • 1972 Lincoln Cent With a Doubled Die Obverse.
  • 1999 Wide “AM” Reverse Lincoln Cent.
  • 1982 No Mint Mark Roosevelt Dime.
  • 1995 Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cent.

What 50p coins are worth the most?

Top 10 most valuable 50p coins

  • Kew Gardens (2009), 210,000.
  • Olympic Wrestling (2011), 1,129,500.
  • Olympic Football (2011), 1,161,500.
  • Olympic Judo (2011), 1,161,500.
  • Olympic Triathlon (2011), 1,163,500.
  • Peter Rabbit (2018), 1,400,000.
  • Flopsy Bunny (2018), 1,400,000.
  • Olympic Tennis (2011), 1,454,000.

What is the rarest pound coin?

According to the blog ChangeChecker, the rarest one pound coin currently in circulation is the Edinburgh £ 1. The coin was part of a series depicting the four capital cities of the UK and is the only £ 1 coin with a mintage below one million.

Is a pound coin real gold?

How Much is a £1 Coin Actually Worth? The pound coin is actually 70% copper, 24.5% zinc and 5.5% nickel and weighs a tiny 9.5 grams.

How do I find the value of old coins?

Consult a coin value book. These references are especially useful because they may list several values for a particular coin: The “book” value (a generally accepted value of the coin ) The “buy” value (what a dealer would pay to buy the coin from you) The retail value (what a dealer would sell a coin to a customer for)

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