Question: How To Get To Rhossili Bay From Cardiff?

How do I get to Rhossili Bay?

Rhossili Bay is accessed via steps from the small village of Rhossili. It is a fair way down, and unfortunately there is no access by wheelchair this way. The breathtaking views are definitely worth the walk. Catch it on a sunny day and don’t forget your camera!

How far is Rhossili Bay from Cardiff?

The distance between Cardiff and Rhossili is 48 miles. The road distance is 59.8 miles.

Can I visit Rhossili Bay?

About Rhossili Bay Beach And The Times nominated Rhossili as ‘The UK’s No. 1 dog-friendly beach’. At low tide there is a huge expanse of beach. It is possible to walk across the bay to Llangennith or even cross onto the Worms Head.

Is Rhossili Bay open?

We are open. We may be busy, so we encourage you to visit at quieter times to help us keep everyone safe. We urge everyone to follow Welsh Government Covid-19 Regulations and to visit responsibly.

Does Rhossili Beach get busy?

Rhossili has one road in, and thats also the road out, so at peak times it can get very busy and you can easily spend 30-60 minutes getting into the car park.

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Are there still sunflowers in Rhossili?

Like much in 2020, things have changed here. This year, the display of Sunflowers in Rhossili is down to a local farmer and: You can actually pick sunflowers in one of the fields. There’s a charge of £1-£1.50 per flower head, and some of the proceeds will go to the RNLI and Rhossili Church.

Who owns Rhossili Beach?

1. Unspoilt natural beauty. When it comes to picture postcards, there’s little that can rival Rhossili or Three Cliffs. The surrounding land is largely owned by The National Trust, along with many local landowners.

Are dogs allowed on Rhossili Bay?

The Gower Peninsula is a very popular destination for dog -owners, with many of its beaches allowing year-round access for dogs. These include Rhossili, voted the UK’s No. 1 dog -friendly beach by The Times.

How do you spell rhossili?

It is within the first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the United Kingdom. Rhossili.

Rhossili Welsh: Rhosili
Principal area Swansea
Country Wales
Sovereign state United Kingdom
Post town Swansea


Where is Llangennith Beach?

Llangennith beach is situated on the western edge of the Gower Peninsula.

Where are the sunflowers in Swansea?

Where is it and when is it open? The fields are right next to The National Trust site at Worm’s Head. The postcode SA3 1PR will get you there and there is ample parking in the National Trust car park. All day parking is £5 or free for members of The National Trust.

How far is Rhossili from Swansea?

How far is it from Swansea to Rhossili? The distance between Swansea and Rhossili is 15 miles. The road distance is 18.4 miles.

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