Question: Where Is Cardiff Bay Train Station?

Is there a train station in Cardiff Bay?

Cardiff Bay railway station (Welsh: Bae Caerdydd), formerly Cardiff Bute Road, is a station serving the Cardiff Bay and Butetown areas of Cardiff, Wales. It is the southern terminus of the Butetown branch line 1 mile (1.5 km) south of Cardiff Queen Street. Only one platform is now in use.

How far is Cardiff Bay from train station?

It takes an average of 10m to travel from Cardiff Central to Cardiff Bay by train, over a distance of around 1 miles (1 km).

How do I get to Cardiff Bay?

By Bus. The Baycar (Service 6) is the easiest way to get between Cardiff city centre and the Bay. Buses run every 12 mins Mon – Fri and every 15 mins Sat – Sun day times/every 20 mins in the evenings. Bus stops include Queen Street Station, Westgate Street and lower St Mary Street.

How many train stations are there in Cardiff?

All 20 stations in Cardiff are owned by Network Rail and managed by Transport for Wales which also operates all train services at these stations, with the exception of Cardiff Central which is also served by CrossCountry and Great Western Railway.

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Can you walk from Cardiff Central to Cardiff Bay?

Large parts of the city centre are pedestrianised, so it’s easy to get around on foot. This is also true for the scenic waterfront area of Cardiff Bay, which is within easy walking distance from Cardiff City Centre.

How much is a taxi from Cardiff Central to Cardiff Bay?

The quickest way to get from Cardiff Central Station to Cardiff Bay (Water) is to taxi which costs £7 – £9 and takes 5 min.

Which bus goes to Cardiff Bay?

Bus. The baycar (service 6) operates a frequent, fast and direct service between the city centre and Cardiff Bay seven days a week. Main city centre bus stops include Queen Street Station, Westgate Street, St Mary Street (Wyndham Arcade) and the rear of Central Rail Station.

Which is the main train station in Cardiff?

Cardiff Central railway station (Welsh: Caerdydd Canolog) is a major station on the South Wales Main Line, located in the capital of Wales, Cardiff. It is one of the city’s two urban rail network hubs, along with Cardiff Queen Street.

What train goes to Cardiff?

GWR trains arrive and depart from Cardiff Central, the city’s main transport hub. The station is located right by the River Taff facing the iconic Principality Stadium.

What time does Cardiff Central station open?

Ticket office

Day Opening Hours
Sunday 07:45 – 21:30
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday 05:45 – 21:30

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