Question: Where Is Cardiff Nsw?

What is in Cardiff NSW?

Top Attractions in Cardiff

  • St Fagans National Museum of History. 7,194. Speciality Museums.
  • Principality Stadium. 4,021. Arenas & Stadiums.
  • Cardiff Castle. 6,473. Castles.
  • Cardiff Bay. 6,106. Piers & Boardwalks.
  • National Museum Cardiff. 2,619.
  • Roath Park. 1,053.
  • Wales Millennium Centre. 2,675.
  • Bute Park. 1,822.

Where is Cardiff England?

Cardiff, Welsh Caerdydd, city and capital of Wales. Cardiff exists as both a city and a county within the Welsh unitary authority system of local government. It is located within the historic county of Glamorgan (Morgannwg) on the Bristol Channel at the mouth of the River Taff, about 150 miles (240 km) west of London.

Is Toronto on the Central Coast?

Toronto is located on the western shores of Lake Macquarie. A key town centre, Toronto offers shopping, dining and all essential services. Destinations within Central Coast.

Lake Macquarie
Gosford Gosford Area Kincumber

Is Cardiff a rich city?

It’s the furthest north of our 6 neighbourhoods and is considered one of the wealthiest places to live in Wales with the average house price coming in at around £420,000.

Is Cardiff a nice place to live?

Cardiff is a vibrant and affordable place to live. Over the past 20 years Wales’ capital has transformed into a thriving city with some of the best cultural and recreational activities. If you’re considering relocating, Cardiff really should be top of your list as it’s one of the best places to live and work.

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Is Toronto NSW a good place to live?

“Very nice place to live ” The area has improved over our time there, and now Toronto has excellent restaurants, shopping, clubs and sporting facilites. I would recommend Toronto to families, retirees and those who love living close to the lake which is beautiful.

Where should I live on the Central Coast?

The Best Beach Towns on Australia’s Central Coast

  • Terrigal. It’s not hard to see why Terrigal is the most famous holiday spot on the Central Coast.
  • Avoca.
  • Copacabana and Macmasters Beach.
  • The Entrance.
  • Bateau Bay.
  • Ettalong and Umina.
  • Patonga.
  • Killcare.

What are the water restrictions on the Central Coast?

The Central Coast Water Wise Rules are: – Watering with a sprinkler, irrigation system or a trigger nozzle hose is permitted any day before 10am or after 4pm to avoid the heat of the day.

Is Cardiff a safe city?

Crime in Cardiff Cardiff is a relatively safe city, especially compared with bigger cities in the UK. However, according to crime statistics from June 2019 – May 2020, violent crime made up 29% of all crimes in the area, with 33.2k crimes reported. This number has decreased 0.5% when compared to year-on-year figures.

Is Cardiff a rough city?

Cardiff hardly ranks high on the list of dangerous -places-to-be-as-a-single-female. Its crime rate is a bit higher than the (Welsh) average for burglary/car crime etc..but that is because it is a city, and most of Wales is rural.

Is Cardiff expensive to live?

Cardiff has the second-lowest monthly rent of all the UK’s university cities. Cardiff came second in the 2020 Natwest Student Living Index for monthly rental costs in UK university cities, and twelfth in terms of overall living costs.

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