Quick Answer: How Big Is Cardiff?

Is Cardiff a small city?

It’s small, so it’s easy to get around quickly, but major roads are dangerous for cyclists and we do get some gridlock during rush hour. There aren’t that many big roads going through the centre of town, so for people driving in and out, cyclists always get stuck. Cardiff is pretty cheap to live in for a capital city.

Is Cardiff the largest city in Wales?

The most populous area of Wales is in the south, which includes cities like Cardiff, Swansea, and Newport. The Largest Cities in Wales.

Rank  City Population
1 Cardiff 447,287
2 Swansea 239,000
3 Newport 128,060
4 Wrexham 61,603


Is Cardiff or Bristol bigger?

Bristol is bigger but there can be no argument – Cardiff is miles better! A quick web survey from Census and other Demograpic material reveals that Bristol is bigger.

Is Cardiff a rich city?

It’s the furthest north of our 6 neighbourhoods and is considered one of the wealthiest places to live in Wales with the average house price coming in at around £420,000.

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Is Cardiff a rough city?

Cardiff hardly ranks high on the list of dangerous -places-to-be-as-a-single-female. Its crime rate is a bit higher than the (Welsh) average for burglary/car crime etc..but that is because it is a city, and most of Wales is rural.

Is Cardiff expensive?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 924$ (655£) without rent. Cardiff is 29.97% less expensive than New York (without rent). Rent in Cardiff is, on average, 70.63% lower than in New York.

What do you call someone from Cardiff?

What do you call people who originate from different parts of the United Kingdom?

Country Demonym
Cardiff Cardiffer, Cardiffian
Cambridge Cantabrian,Cantab,Tab,Cantabrigian
Cornwall Cornish, Cornishman / woman, Janner
Devon Devonian


What are the 6 cities of Wales?

Cardiff, Newport, St Davids, St Asaph, Swansea and Bangor are the six cities of Wales.

What’s Cardiff famous for?

It was officially recognized as the capital of Wales in 1955. Cardiff is the most important administrative, shopping, and cultural centre in the country, as well as the headquarters for many national organizations and government departments. Cardiff is the home of the devolved National Assembly for Wales.

Is Bristol better than Cardiff?

I’ve livedin both Bristol and Cardiff, and both are beautiful cities. Bristol seems to be relatively more urbanised and more ‘London-y’ than Cardiff, and its shopping centre is also quite new and big. Cardiff however has a lot of parks (which I personally love) and its University is also very close to its city centre.

Which Ikea is bigger Cardiff or Bristol?

The Cardiff Ikea, is 30% bigger than the nearest store in Bristol is expected to become a Mecca for shoppers from across Wales looking for everything from CD racks and wrapping paper to bathroom suites.

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Is Cardiff cheaper than London?

You would need around 2,900.04£ in Cardiff to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 4,800.00£ in London (assuming you rent in both cities).

Is Cardiff a safe city?

Crime in Cardiff Cardiff is a relatively safe city, especially compared with bigger cities in the UK. However, according to crime statistics from June 2019 – May 2020, violent crime made up 29% of all crimes in the area, with 33.2k crimes reported. This number has decreased 0.5% when compared to year-on-year figures.

Is Cardiff good place to live?

Affordable housing, excellent retail and leisure facilities and outstanding schools are just some of the reasons why Cardiff is a popular place to live.

Is Cardiff safe place to live?

Is Cardiff a Safe Place to Live? Cardiff is generally one of the safest cities in the UK and has a relatively low crime rate. Like any city, there are some deprived areas, but they are not regarded as any more dangerous than other wealthier parts of Cardiff.

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