Quick Answer: How Far Is Devon From Cardiff?

Can I travel from Cardiff to Devon?

You can take a train from Cardiff to Devon via Bristol Temple Meads and Exeter St Davids in around 3h 23m. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Cardiff to Devon via Cabot Circus, Sowton, Honiton Road P&R, and Exeter City Centre, Bus Station in around 6h 7m.

How far is Cardiff from Cornwall?

How far is it from Cardiff to Cornwall? It is 101 miles from Cardiff to Cornwall. It is approximately 179.9 miles to drive.

How far is Exeter from Wales?

The distance between Exeter and Wales is 109 miles. The road distance is 108.4 miles.

How far is Devon from Bristol?

The distance between Bristol and Devon is 70 miles.

How much is a train from Cardiff to London?

Cardiff Central to London by train

Journey time From 1h 46m
Price From £15
Distance 131 miles (211 km)
Frequency 79 trains per day
Departure station Cardiff Central

How far is St Ives from Cardiff?

The distance between Cardiff and St Ives is 134 miles.

How far is Exeter from Cardiff?

Exeter to Cardiff Central by train

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Journey time From 2h 29m
Distance 55 miles (88 km)
Frequency 9 trains per day
Departure station Exeter
Arrival station Cardiff Central

Can I travel from Exeter to Wales?

Yes, it is possible to travel from Exeter St David’s to Newport (South Wales ) without having to change trains.

Which country is Exeter in?

Exeter, city (district), administrative and historic county of Devon, southwestern England. It is located on the River Exe, just above the head of the river’s estuary and about 10 miles (16 km) from the estuary’s entry into the English Channel. Exeter is the county town (seat) of Devon.

Is Bristol near Devon?

Distance between Bristol and Devon is 123.84 km. This distance is equal to 76.95 miles, and 66.82 nautical miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles per hour) between Bristol to Devon, It takes 0.14 hours to arrive.

Is Devon a town or county?

Devon (/ˈdɛvən/, also known as Devonshire) is a county of England, reaching from the Bristol Channel in the north to the English Channel in the south. It is part of South West England, bounded by Cornwall to the west, Somerset to the north-east and Dorset to the east. The city of Exeter is the county town.

How far is Dorset from Bristol?

The distance between Bristol and Dorset is 50 miles.

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