Quick Answer: How Far Is Llandrindod Wells From Cardiff?

How long to drive from Cardiff to llandrindod?

Yes, the driving distance between Cardiff to Llandrindod Wells is 67 miles. It takes approximately 1h 30m to drive from Cardiff to Llandrindod Wells.

Is Llandrindod Wells a nice place to live?

It’s safe and family- friendly, the perfect place to bring up a family. And al this means that Llandrindod Wells is a great place to live, do business and to visit for a healthy break.

How far is llandrindod from Cardiff?

The distance between Llandrindod and Cardiff Central is 54 miles.

How far is Cheshire from Cardiff?

Cardiff Central to Adlington (Cheshire) by train

Distance 135 miles (217 km)
Departure station Cardiff Central
Arrival station Adlington ( Cheshire )

Where is the happiest place in Wales?

The Cornish coastal town of St Ives has been named the happiest place in Great Britain to live in the rankings of the top 20 happiest locations, and Powys market town Llandrindod Wells appears at number four.

What is the population of Llandrindod Wells?

Population: 5,309 Situated in the mid-Wales countryside, Llandrindod Wells is the county town of Powys.

How far is Cardiff from Northwich?

The distance between Cardiff Central and Northwich is 127 miles.

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