Quick Answer: How Far Is Pembroke From Cardiff?

How far is Cardiff from Pembroke Dock?

Cardiff Central to Pembroke Dock by train

Journey time From 3h 14m
Distance 77 miles (124 km)
Frequency 1 train per day
Departure station Cardiff Central
Arrival station Pembroke Dock

How far is Cardiff from Pembrokeshire?

The distance between Cardiff and Pembrokeshire is 79 miles. The road distance is 96.2 miles.

How far is Pembroke from London?

The distance between London and Pembroke is 205 miles.

How far is cardigan from Cardiff?

The distance between Cardiff and Cardigan is 76 miles.

How far is Cardiff from Haverfordwest?

The distance between Cardiff Central and Haverfordwest is 80 miles.

Where in Wales is Pembrokeshire?

Pembrokeshire, tucked away in South West Wales, is a remote but beautiful corner of the UK, with spectacular coastlines on three sides and gorgeous countryside alongside highly picturesque towns such as Tenby, Fishguard and Haverfordwest.

What is Pembrokeshire known for?

Rated by National Geographic magazine experts as the second best coastline in the World. With 186 miles of magnificent and varied coastline and over 50 beaches, there’s plenty of space for everyone.

How far is Pembrokeshire from Swansea?

The distance between Swansea and Pembrokeshire is 44 miles.

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