Quick Answer: How Many Days A Year Does It Rain In Cardiff?

How much rain does Cardiff get a year?

Cardiff climate summary The rainfall in Cardiff is significant, with precipitation even during the driest month. The climate here is classified as Cfb by the Köppen-Geiger system. In Cardiff, the average annual temperature is 10.4 °C | 50.7 °F. In a year, the rainfall is 1071 mm | 42.2 inch.

How many days a year does it rain in the UK?

The annual number of rain days in the UK has fluctuated over the past three decades. In 2020, there were approximately 170.5 days in which 1 mm or more of rain fell. Annual rain days in the United Kingdom ( UK ) from 1990 to 2020.

Number of days with rain


Does it rain a lot in Wales?

Annual rainfall The year 2000 experienced the most amount of rain at 1,829 mm. 2010 was the driest year at 1,129 mm. Despite the high levels of rain in Wales, it is not the wettest country in the United Kingdom. Scotland on average has the most rainfall, with England being the driest.

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What is the weather usually like in Cardiff?

In Cardiff, the summers are comfortable and partly cloudy and the winters are long, very cold, wet, windy, and mostly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 38°F to 69°F and is rarely below 29°F or above 78°F.

What is the driest part of Wales?

The top 10 driest places in Wales in 2016, according to Met Office statistics:

  • Colwyn Bay, Conwy – 768.4mm.
  • Aberporth, Ceredigion – 842mm.
  • Felindre, Swansea – 847.8mm.
  • Rhyl, Denbighshire – 850mm.
  • Valley, Anglesey – 863.2mm.
  • Margam, Neath Port Talbot – 894.4mm.
  • Mona, Anglesey – 938.4mm.
  • Orielton, Pembrokeshire – 953.9mm.

What months receive the most precipitation?

February and July generally are the driest and wettest months, respectively. Mexico City, for example, receives an average of only 5 millimeters (0.2 in) of rain during February but more than 160 millimeters (6.3 in) in July.

What is the rainiest city in UK?

Cardiff is Britain’s wettest city with 1,152mm falling on it each year.

What is the warmest place in the UK?

Hottest Places in the UK. The Isles of Scilly have the highest mean annual temperature in the UK of 11.5 degrees Celsius (52.7 degrees Fahrenheit). Not far behind are coastal parts of Cornwall, where many low-elevation sites average above 11 °C (52 °F).

What is the rainiest place on earth?

The top 10 wettest places on earth

  • Mt Waialeale, Kauai, Hawaii.
  • Big Bog, Maui, Hawaii.
  • Debundscha, Cameroon, Africa.
  • San Antonio de Ureca, Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea.
  • Cropp River, New Zealand.
  • Tutendo, Colombia, South America.
  • Cherrapunji, Meghalaya State, India.
  • Mawsynram, Meghalaya State, India. Average annual rainfall: 11,871mm.
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What is the best month to visit Wales?

If you’re planning to lie on a beach, or camp in the dry, you’ll want to go in summer – between June and September – a period when you should book your accommodation as far in advance as possible. For reasonably good weather with less dense crowds go in April, May, September or October.

Is Wales a nice place to live?

Moving to Wales can offer a lifestyle that is incomparable to living in a big, urban city. With miles of stunning coastline, UNESCO world heritage sites, beautiful countryside and excellent transport links to the rest of the UK – Wales is hard to beat when it comes to quality of life.

Which part of Wales has the best weather?

Dale, in the far west, is one of the sunniest places in Britain with over 1,800 hours of sunshine a year. Temperatures across Wales usually make it to the 20°Cs (70°Fs) in the summer months when the sandy, white beaches really come into their own.

Does it rain a lot in Cardiff?

Cardiff has been crowned the wettest city in the UK. With an average 149 days of rain per year, Cardiff is officially the wettest city in the UK. With between 121-128 average days of rain per year, they’re not too far behind Cardiff!

Does Cardiff get snow?

When can you find snow in Cardiff? Weather stations report large amounts of snow likely to be deepest around October, especially close to early to mid October. The best time to ski (if at all) in Cardiff is often around around April 9th when fresh powder is deepest.

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How much sun does the UK get?

The average annual number of daily sun hours in the UK has remained above 4 hours per day since 2001, but has not increased above 5. Daily sun hours were highest in 2003 at 4.9 hours per day. The following years saw sun hours remain at a similar level, until an increase to 4.7 hours in 2018.

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