Quick Answer: What Is The Catchment Area For Cardiff High School?

How do I find out what schools are in my catchment area?

Contact the school that you wish your child to attend, the school will advise you of their catchment area. To find out more information about your local schools click here.

How do I find my school catchment area UK?

  1. Click here to use the GOV. UK Schools Finder.
  2. Click here to search for a school on GoodSchoolsGuide.co. uk.
  3. For more information, check the school admissions page on Gov. uk.
  4. Click here to search for Ofsted reports.
  5. Visit the Department for Education website to view the tables.
  6. View the London Schools Atlas here.

What does catchment area mean for schools?

A catchment area is basically the area from which a school’s pupils are drawn. For most schools, there’s no such thing as a fixed catchment area. It changes every year depending on things like how many applications the school received and how many siblings of existing pupils applied that year (as they get priority).

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How many high schools are there in Cardiff?

This is how Cardiff’s 18 secondary schools compare in 2018.

Can I apply for a school in a different local authority?

You can apply for schools outside your own local authority if you want to, but you still use your own local authority’s form. The information on your form is then passed to the schools to decide whether they can offer your child a place based on their oversubscription criteria.

Who is Ofsted UK?

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. We inspect services providing education and skills for learners of all ages. We also inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people. Ofsted is a non-ministerial department.

Can I use grandparents address for school?

No you generally have to register the kids for school at the address they actually live at. If he is currently fughting for custody he should also consider how a court is going to view him saying that he wants custody but is unable to get the child to school. Many school districts consider this to be fraud.

Does my child have to change school if we move UK?

If you ‘re only moving across town and your new home is located in the school catchment area, then your child will, of course, stay in the same school. You just need to inform the school of the change of address.

How do I find my school catchment area Scotland?

You can find out where your child will be given a place at school by looking on your local council’s website:

  1. Find out more about catchment areas. Choose your council. Aberdeen City Council.
  2. Contact your local council. Choose your council.
  3. Contact your council about early learning and childcare funding. Choose your council.
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What does it mean if a school doesn’t have a catchment area?

No catchment means you will not get priority just because you happen to buy a house opposite. Most comps will use a lottery type system.

Do siblings get priority over catchment?

The school admission criteria gives priority to children who already have siblings in the school, after they have been admitted it then goes down to catchment area and distance from the school.

Why do we need catchment areas?

Why are catchments important? Catchments provide people, stock and flora and fauna with drinking water. They provide people with water for domestic and industrial use, including irrigation, and they cater for recreation and tourism. They may also include important cultural sites.

What is the best high school in Cardiff?

How every Cardiff secondary ranks on five A* to A GCSESs

  • Cardiff High – 55%
  • Bishop of Llandaff – 46%
  • Ysgol Glantaf – 37%
  • Radyr Comprehensive – 35%
  • Corpus Christ Roman Catholic High – 32%
  • Whitchurch High – 31%
  • Ysgol Plasmawr – 30%
  • Llanishen High – 26%

What is the best primary school in Cardiff?

5 Best Primary Schools in Cardiff

  1. St.
  2. Marlborough Primary School.
  3. St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School.
  4. Ninian Park Primary School. Rated ‘ good ‘ by the latest Estyn report, Ninian Park Primary School also was classed as ‘green’ in the National School Categorisation System.
  5. St. Peter’s Primary School.

What is the oldest school in Cardiff?

Our History Kings Monkton School was formed in 1994 from the amalgamation of two of Cardiff’s oldest schools – Kings College and Monkton House – both of which were established in the 1870s.

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