Quick Answer: What Shops Are In St Davids Cardiff?

What shops are in St Davids shopping Centre Cardiff?

There are plenty more brands that have also made their Welsh debut at St David’s, including John Lewis, Hamleys, Lego, Jo Malone, White Company, Apple, Pandora and All Saints. The centre is also home to the largest H&M in the UK.

How many shops are in St Davids 2?

St David’s, Cardiff

St. David’s second phase on The Hayes. The Hayes Apartments on the upper levels
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
No. of stores and services 203
No. of anchor tenants 5 (Boots, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Primark and John Lewis)
Total retail floor area 129,561 m 2 (1,394,580 sq ft)

Is Cardiff good for shopping?

Cardiff has worked hard to earn its reputation as one of the top ten shopping destinations in Britain. Delight in the victorian arcades and markets, peruse the highstreet brands or delve into one of the many independent stores.

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Is there a Sephora in Cardiff?

is there a Sephora store in London or elsewhere in the UK? Unfortunately no, there are no Sephora stores in the UK.

Can dogs go in St Davids Cardiff?

St David’s shopping arcade is nearby. Pets are allowed but charges may be applicable.

Why do the Welsh celebrate St David’s Day?

Today is St David’s Day! St David is the patron saint of Wales and he is celebrated on the 1 March. To mark the day, Welsh people around the world wear one or both of Wales’s national emblems – a daffodil and a leek. Patron saints are chosen to be special protectors or guardians over all areas of life.

How do we celebrate St Davids Day?

St David’s Day – join our Gŵyl Dewi celebrations. 1 March is one of the most colourful days of the year here in Wales. You’ll find bright yellow daffodils, green leeks and vibrant traditional dress. Usually, St David’s Day is a day of parades, concerts and eisteddfodau (festivals of music, language and culture).

What time does St Davids open?

Monday to Friday 9.30am to 1.30pm then 2pm to 4pm. Closed weekends.

What’s Cardiff famous for?

It was officially recognized as the capital of Wales in 1955. Cardiff is the most important administrative, shopping, and cultural centre in the country, as well as the headquarters for many national organizations and government departments. Cardiff is the home of the devolved National Assembly for Wales.

What is the main shopping Centre in Cardiff?

St David’s Dewi Sant | Cardiff’s Biggest Shopping Centre.

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Which is biggest shopping Centre in UK?

As of 2018, the British real estate investment trust Intu boasts the largest shopping centers in the United Kingdom, and the group’s Metrocentre in Gateshead in the North East of England has the largest retail area, as displayed in this statistic.

Can I order from Sephora in the UK?

You can totally order from Sephora, even if you live in the UK. You can totally order from Sephora, even if you live in the UK.

What is the equivalent of Sephora in the UK?

With a line-up of both niche and established beauty brands, AFTERBeauty is filling the Sephora -shaped gap on the UK beauty retail scene. Here’s why this fun new beauty store is worth a visit.

What time do shops shut in Cardiff?

Shop ’til 8pm weekdays. For late night shopping every week night and food from first thing in the morning ’til bedtime and beyond, head to St David’s.

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