Quick Answer: When Does Premier Inn Cardiff Bay Open?

What restaurants are in Cardiff Bay?

The 8 Best Restaurants in Cardiff Bay

  • Côte Cardiff Bay. Côte is crazy popular for good reason.
  • Culley’s at The Exchange Hotel. The Exchange Hotel is laced with Cardiff Bay history and its basement is where you’ll find Culley’s.
  • Bara Menyn.
  • Duchess of Delhi.
  • Demiro’s.
  • Fabulous Welshcakes.
  • Yakitori #1.
  • The Dock Bar & Kitchen.

Do you need ID for Premier Inn?

Please let your chosen Premier Inn know if you are likely to arrive after 11pm local hotel time. Guests will be asked to provide proof of identity and nationality upon check-in. You may be asked to complete a registration form and provide your passport details.

How long to walk from Cardiff Central to Cardiff Bay?

The journey takes approximately 16 min. How far is it from Cardiff Central Station to Cardiff Bay (Water)? The distance between Cardiff Central Station and Cardiff Bay (Water) is 2 miles.

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What is a ZIP hotel?

The Zip rooms have been created by PriestmanGoode, the design consultancy behind first-class cabins for Air France, Lufthansa and Swiss airlines. The rooms feature lightboxes, en suite power showers, 24-inch televisions and twin single beds that can be pushed together to create a double.

What restaurants are open down Cardiff Bay?

Eat, Drink, Relax

  • Bayside Brasserie.
  • By The Sea.
  • Gin & Bake.
  • The Cosy Club.
  • The Dock.
  • wagamama.

What’s Open in Cardiff Bay?


  • Argos.
  • Boots.
  • Home Bargains.
  • IKEA.
  • JD Sports.
  • Pets at Home.
  • Wilko.

Can I have guests in my hotel room?

So, can I have a guest in my hotel room? In the US, most hotels do not prohibit guests from having visitors. However, hotel policies regarding this matter tend to differ from establishment to establishment as well as country to country. To be certain, it is a good idea to ask the front desk about it.

Can two 16 year olds stay in a hotel alone?

You can only make a booking if you are 16 years old or over. If you arrive at the hotel and are under 16 years of age you will not be permitted to stay alone.

Can a 17 year old stay in a hotel alone?

No, they cannot. Most hotels require guests to be 21. You will have to check in at the front desk when you arrive at which time you’ll be asked to present a photo ID and credit card.

Is Cardiff a safe city?

Crime in Cardiff Cardiff is a relatively safe city, especially compared with bigger cities in the UK. However, according to crime statistics from June 2019 – May 2020, violent crime made up 29% of all crimes in the area, with 33.2k crimes reported. This number has decreased 0.5% when compared to year-on-year figures.

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Can you walk from Cardiff Central to Cardiff Bay?

Large parts of the city centre are pedestrianised, so it’s easy to get around on foot. This is also true for the scenic waterfront area of Cardiff Bay, which is within easy walking distance from Cardiff City Centre.

Is Cardiff walkable?

Cardiff residents think the walking environment has room for improvement as it ranks eighth in a poll of 11 large UK cities.

Can you eat breakfast at Premier Inn without staying?

Yes – although some hotels do not serve the Premier Inn Breakfast. For more information on our restaurants, please see our ‘Seriously tasty food’ page.

Can you have breakfast at Premier Inn if not a guest?

Yes you can. Priced for hot or buffet breakfast. Don’t know how they charge for non resident children though.

Does Premier Inn have USB sockets?

You’ll find a small bathroom with power shower, a towel & bodywash, as well as hangers on the back of the door, and a full-length mirror. Watch TV on your 24” flat screen and enjoy the free Wi-Fi while charging up your phone using the double plug socket, or USB charger point.

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