Readers ask: How Far Is Weston Super Mare From Cardiff?

Is there a ferry from Cardiff to Weston-Super-Mare?

Flat Holm, a designated site of special scientific interest, is now only served by private ferry operators who take visitors from Cardiff or from Weston – super – Mare. The island is technically a part of the City and County of Cardiff while Steep Holm, to its south, is in Somerset.

Is Weston-Super-Mare worth visiting?

Nestled on the coastline of Somerset, Weston – Super – Mare is one of England’s classic seaside spots that’s been a favourite since Victorian times. The seaside town has a charm of its own and well worth a day trip or a classic seaside break whilst in Somerset.

What was the easiest way to travel from Cardiff to Weston-Super-Mare?

The best way to get from Cardiff to Weston – super – Mare is to train which takes 1h 22m and costs £22 – £27. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs £7 – £11 and takes 2h 17m.

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Can you get a train from Cardiff to Weston-Super-Mare?

Yes, it is possible to travel from Cardiff Central to Weston – super – Mare without having to change trains. There are 14 direct trains from Cardiff Central to Weston – super – Mare each day.

Can I travel to Cardiff from Weston Super Mare?

On average the Cardiff to Weston – super – Mare train time is 1 h 23 min covering the 12 miles (20 km) long trip, but the journey time can vary depending on specific dates or travelling on weekends and bank holidays.

Is there a ferry across the Bristol Channel?

The new ferry service will take just fifty minutes to complete a journey which would take at least four times as long by car.

What’s wrong with Weston-Super-Mare?

The good, the bad and the ugly of Weston – super – Mare has been revealed by residents who have had their say on numerous local buildings. Inappropriate alterations, poor quality conversions, inferior quality modern additions, intrusive signage and loss of front gardens to hardstanding were all common complaints.

How far is Weston-Super-Mare from Burnham on Sea?

The distance between Weston – super – Mare and Burnham-on-Sea is 8 miles. The road distance is 11.3 miles.

How far is Weston-Super-Mare Bristol?

The distance between Bristol and Weston – super – Mare is 18 miles. The road distance is 23 miles.

Can you travel to Weston Super Mare from Wales?

Yes, the driving distance between Wales to Weston – super – Mare is 54 miles. It takes approximately 58 min to drive from Wales to Weston – super – Mare. Book your Wales to Weston – super – Mare train tickets online with Omio.

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Can you see Wales from Weston Super Mare?

From the beach there are views across Weston Bay towards Wales, and south towards Exmoor.

Is Weston Super Mare in Wales?

Located in the county of North Somerset, Weston Super Mare lies directly opposite Cardiff, on the southern coast of Wales, being separated by the Mouth of the Severn / Bristol Channel.

How much is a train from Bristol to Weston Super Mare?

Bristol Temple Meads to Weston-super-Mare by train

Journey time From 18m
Price From £7.30
Distance 18 miles (29 km)
Frequency 53 trains per day
Departure station Bristol Temple Meads

How far is Weston Super Mare from Newport?

Newport (South Wales) to Weston-super-Mare by train

Journey time From 1h 7m
Distance 17 miles (27 km)
Frequency 14 trains per day
Departure station Newport (South Wales)
Arrival station Weston – super – Mare

How do I get from Cardiff to Bristol?

You can travel between Cardiff and Bristol by train with Great Western Railway. You can find cheap tickets on Omio for £6 with Great Western Railway from Cardiff to Bristol.

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