Readers ask: How Long Is A Flight From Cardiff To Gran Canaria?

Can you fly from Cardiff to Gran Canaria?

The total flight time between Cardiff and Gran Canaria is of around 04:00 hours on average, considering an average distance of 2,797 km, for both direct and indirect flights for the route (which may have 1 or more stops in other cities in between).

How long is the flight from UK to Gran Canaria?

The total flight duration from London, United Kingdom to Gran Canaria is 4 hours, 8 minutes.

How long is a flight from Cardiff to Spain?

Flying time from Cardiff, United Kingdom to Spain The total flight duration from Cardiff, United Kingdom to Spain is 2 hours, 5 minutes.

How far is Gran Canaria from UK by plane?

The shortest distance (air line) between London and Las-Palmas-De- Gran – Canaria is 1,799.46 mi (2,895.96 km). The shortest route between London and Las-Palmas-De- Gran – Canaria is 2,298.08 mi (3,698.40 km) according to the route planner.

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Does Ryanair fly from Cardiff?

Ryanair’s Cardiff Summer 2019 schedule offers 5 routes in total, including new routes to Barcelona, Malta and now Malaga, as well as Faro and Tenerife. Cardiff consumers and visitors can now enjoy even lower fares and the latest “Always Getting Better” improvements including: Ryanair Rooms with 10% off Travel Credit.

Where can you fly direct from Cardiff Airport?

Airports with direct flights from Cardiff

  • Aberdeen (ABZ)
  • Alicante (ALC)
  • Anglesey (VLY)
  • Chambery (CMF)
  • Cork (ORK)

What is the coldest month in Gran Canaria?

Canary Islands, annual weather averages August is the hottest month in Gran Canaria with an average temperature of 24°C (75°F) and the coldest is January at 18°C (64°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 10 in August. The wettest month is December with an average of 31mm of rain.

Which is the best part of Gran Canaria?

Where to Stay in Gran Canaria: The Best Areas to Stay in Gran Canaria

  1. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The capital of the exciting island is Las Palmas.
  2. Maspalomas.
  3. Playa del Inglés.
  4. Meloneras.
  5. Puerto Rico.
  6. Puerto de Mogán.
  7. Agaete.
  8. San Agustín.

Is Canary Islands same time as UK?

The Canary Islands use Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). This means the time zone is exactly the same as the UK while mainland Spain and other European countries are one hour ahead.

How long does it take to get to Spain from Cardiff?

Flight time from Cardiff to Madrid is 1 hour 49 minutes Distance from Cardiff to Madrid is approximately 1220 kilometers.

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How many miles is Gran Canaria from UK?

Distance between London and Gran Canaria is 2921.22 km.

London 51.5001524 -0.1262362
Gran Canaria 27.9202202 -15.5474373
Distance 2921.22 km 1815.16 miles

Who flies to Majorca?

Other airlines flying to Palma – Majorca

Lufthansa flights SAS flights Finnair flights
Iberia flights Air Europa flights Luxair flights
eurowings flights Norwegian flights Czech Airlines flights
Aer Lingus flights Brussels Airlines flights SkyWork flights
SWISS flights Alitalia flights Bulgaria Air flights

Are there any flights to Malaga?

Ryanair, Iberia, Vueling Airlines, easyJet, British Airways, American Airlines, Qatar Airways and Air Nostrum all fly direct to Malaga. The cheapest month to fly to Malaga is June.

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