Readers ask: How Much Is John Lewis Car Park Cardiff?

How much is car parking in Cardiff?

Charges are generally affordable, starting at around £1.70 per hour in the city centre, and typically operate from 8am-6pm, Monday-Saturday – but be aware that spaces can be very limited. You can use our parking map to find information on available on-street parking spaces near Waterloo station.

How much is St Davids parking Cardiff?

St David’s Centre car park The shopping centre’s car park will set you back £5 for up to four hours, and £6 for up to five. This car park is open 24/7 and evening parking (between 5pm and 9pm) will cost you £2.

Is Waitrose car park free?

You can park for free if you’re shopping in Waitrose, but if you’re just visiting the surrounding areas then our reasonable hourly rates give you an affordable parking solution.

Is Morrisons car park free after 6?

Morrisons is required to provide free parking outside its usual opening hours under a legal agreement with Reigate & Banstead Borough Council. There are other free evening car parks in Reigate town centre: those run by the borough council have chargeable hours of 8am to 6pm.

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How much is parking at Sophia Gardens Cardiff?

Sophia Gardens Car Park

Duration Fee
1 hours £2.10
2 hours £3.40
3 hours £4.10
4 hours £5.10

Where can I park in Bute Park Cardiff?

Pay and display car parking facilities are available nearby in Sophia Gardens (CF11 9LJ), Castle Mews (CF10 3ER) and North Road (CF10 3EA). Visit for further details about parking by Bute Park. The water bus stop is situated at the southern end of Bute Park near Cardiff Bridge.

What time does John Lewis Cardiff car park close?

Is there overnight parking available at John Lewis Cardiff? Yes, overnight parking is available in the St David’s shopping centre car park at John Lewis Cardiff. The car park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a flat rate parking charge of £4 for parking between 5pm and 6am.

Is St Davids car park free?

Whilst normal parking charges are payable, there is no charge from St David’s for using the charging points.

Is St Davids parking free?

Let’s do our bit to help. So, from us to you: all NHS workers can park for free at St David’s. We can do this. To claim free parking, please visit the Guest Services team on the first floor near Starbucks who will provide you with a ticket.

How long is free parking at Waitrose?

Everyone, regardless if you are the Waitrose customer or not, can park cars free of charge for a maximum of one and a half hours.

How long can you park Waitrose Newark?

The carpark, run by Britannia Parking, operates a two-hour time limit on parking, but Mr Eades said that because he is severely ill, completing his shopping in under two hours is very difficult.

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How do I self scan at Waitrose?

You won’t need to scan your card every time you shop. When you visit Waitrose, connect to our free Wi-Fi to enjoy the best shopping experience. To start shopping, open the app and scan the ‘Start your shop’ QR code (shown above), located at the store entrance. Then you’re ready to scan your items.

How long is Morrisons Free parking?

Morrison’s response in full A Morrisons spokeswoman said she understands certain customers may require more time inside the store and support can be offered. A statement reads: ” Car parking is free for all customers within a two hour time-frame.

Is there any free parking in Totnes?

There is no charge for parking in these bays. On- street parking is also free, even when there are meters or a residents parking scheme in operation. Contact Devon County Council website for more information.

How long can you park at Morrisons car park?

“To help us make sure there are plenty of car parking spaces for our customers we do operate a 2-hour limit but we know sometimes 2 hours might not be enough time if our customers are doing a large shop or want to grab a bite to eat or if they simply need a little extra time.

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