Readers ask: How To Go To St Davids From Cardiff Coach?

How far is Cardiff to St Davids?

The distance between Cardiff and Saint Davids is 94 miles. The road distance is 112.5 miles.

Can you get a coach to Wales?

Are there any direct coaches from London to Wales? Yes, there are direct coaches to Wales from London, and you can find a direct coach for this trip with Flixbus or Megabus on Omio.

How much is a bus to Cardiff?

On the bus

Cardiff Fare Zone Cardiff and Barry
Adult Young Person
Single £2 £1.90
Day to Go £4 £3.60
57/58 route return* £3.20

How do I get from Cardiff to Swansea?

Cardiff to Swansea bus services, operated by National Express, arrive at Swansea Bus Station. Cardiff to Swansea train services, operated by Great Western Railway, arrive at Swansea station. Yes, the driving distance between Cardiff to Swansea is 42 miles. It takes approximately 49 min to drive from Cardiff to Swansea.

How much is a train from London to Cardiff?

There are normally 56 trains per day travelling from London Paddington to Cardiff Central and tickets for this journey start from £15 when you book in advance. London Paddington to Cardiff Central by train.

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Journey time From 1h 42m
Price From £15
Distance 129 miles (208 km)
Frequency 56 trains per day

Does National Express go to Wales?

Why visiting Wales is well worth your time | National Express. Keep up to date with the latest on our event coach services No booking fee!

How do you pay for bus in Cardiff?

Fares & Tickets

  1. Mobile tickets. With the Cardiff Bus mobile app you can buy and store bus tickets on your mobile.
  2. cash and contactless. Hop on the bus and pay by cash or contactless.
  3. iff card. Save money using iff, top up online and get a reward with iff extras!

How much is a short hop Cardiff Bus?

The “ short hop ” will cost just £1 for a single ticket and will be available in the zones Canton, Cathedral Road and Albany Road. Ben Thomas, Cardiff Bus chairman, says claimed this was a chance to not only save passengers money but also helps in creating a greener, more sustainable city.

Can you pay contactless on Cardiff Bus?

Contactless payment is now available across all our routes, so now you don’t even need change to pay for your journey. You are able to purchase single (including short-hops), all day tickets, return tickets or night bus return tickets from the driver using contactless.

How much is a train from Cardiff to Swansea?

Cardiff Central to Swansea by train

Journey time From 49m
Price From £5
Distance 34 miles (55 km)
Frequency 86 trains per day
Departure station Cardiff Central
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How far is Neath from Cardiff?

The Neath to Cardiff train distance is approximately 29 miles (47 km).

How much is a train from Cardiff to London?

Cardiff Central to London by train

Journey time From 1h 46m
Price From £15
Distance 131 miles (211 km)
Frequency 79 trains per day
Departure station Cardiff Central

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