Readers ask: Why Is The Traffic So Bad In Cardiff Today?

What time is rush hour in Cardiff?

Most of the congestion was on non-highway roads, at 35%, compared to 17% on highways (motorways). The best time to avoid rush hour is on a Wednesday, between 5pm and 6pm. Travelling after 6pm on a Wednesday could save you up to seven hours a year, based on a half hour commute.

Why is the A479 closed?

Where and Why? The A479 was closed following the landslip during Storm Dennis. Works to renew and improve highway drainage have now been successfully completed. This will reduce the risk of further deterioration before and after the permanent slope works are carried out.

Is the a4232 open today?

There are no current incidents or roadworks on the a4232.

Is the a4042 open?

There are no current incidents or roadworks on the a4042.

Is the a470 closed?

There are no current incidents or roadworks on the a470.

Is the A483 closed tonight?

There are no current incidents or roadworks on the A483.

Can I drive past Cardiff Castle?

Cardiff’s Castle Street is set to reopen to buses and taxis – but cars will still be unable to drive down it. The street has been off limits to vehicles since the Summer – went it was first turned into a giant al-fresco dining area to help restaurants in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Who is responsible for roadworks?

The majority of roadworks in the borough are carried out by private utility companies to install, renew or repair their equipment.

Are there police road blocks in Wales?

WELSH police are using roadblocks to stop drivers making non-essential journeys during a 17-day fire-break lockdown. People caught breaking the rules in Wales can be fined up to £10,000, with penalties starting at £60.

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