What Radio Station Is Cardiff City On?

How can I watch Cardiff City live?

Cardiff City TV’s live video content is available via desktop, mobile browser and the official Cardiff City FC app. Recommended browsers for watching live video are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Where can I find BBC Radio Wales?

BBC Radio Wales is available throughout the UK on digital satellite. On Sky digiboxes the channel number is 0117, while on Freesat you can find Radio Wales on channel 714.

What frequency is BBC Radio Wales?

Listen to BBC Radio Wales on FM

FM 90.2 MHz
FM 95.9 MHz
FM 96.1 MHz
FM 103.7 MHz
FM 103.9 MHz


What channel is Cardiff on?

Cardiff’s TV schedule includes their Championship matches on Sky Sports, FA Cup matches on the BBC and ITV and their Carabao Cup matches on Sky Sports.

How can I watch Cardiff City games on TV?

Visit the website: www.cardiffcityfc.co.uk You can only sign up to Cardiff City TV via the Official Cardiff City FC website. Live Audio: Seasonal Pass (Worldwide.

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Is Cardiff City on telly today?

No live Cardiff City matches are scheduled on TV at the moment.

What radio station is England Wales on?

BBC Radio 5 live sports extra – Rugby Union, Wales v England.

What channel is Radio Cymru?

Listen to BBC Radio Cymru on FM

FM 92.4 MHz
FM 92.7 MHz
FM 92.8 MHz
FM 93.1 MHz
FM 93.2 MHz


What radio station is Wales vs Italy on?

BBC Radio 5 live – Six Nations 2020, Wales v Italy.

What frequency is Radio 4 on FM?

Radio 4 can be found on the following channels, frequencies and websites: DAB Listed as ” BBC Radio 4 “, ” BBC R4″, or ” Radio 4 ” FM 92 – 95 FM, 103-105 FM. LW 198 Long Wave.

What number is BBC Wales?

BBC One Wales

Virgin Media Channel 101 (HD) Channel 864 (SD, rest of UK)
Freesat Channel 101 (SD/HD) Channel 110 (SD) Channel 964 (SD, rest of UK) Channel 976 (HD, rest of UK)
Sky Channel 101 (SD/HD) Channel 801 (SD) Channel 952 (SD/HD, rest of UK) Channel 978 (SD, rest of UK)


Is Wales v England on the radio?

BBC Radio 5 live – 5 Live Sport, 5 Live Rugby, Wales v England.

Is Cardiff City on red button tonight?

Is Cardiff City v Stoke City on TV? Yes. Fans can catch all the action on the red button on Sky Sports Football. Coverage starts from kick-off at 7pm.

Is Cardiff vs Huddersfield on TV?

The Championship match between Huddersfield Town and Cardiff City will be broadcast on television via the Sky Sports Main Event, Football and Ultra HD channels.

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Is Cardiff v Nottingham on TV?

Is it on TV? No, the game will not be broadcast live on TV.

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