Where Is Cardiff?

Contents1 Is Cardiff in England or Wales?2 Is Cardiff south of London?3 Is Cardiff in North or South Wales?4 Is Cardiff a rich city?5 Do the Welsh hate the English?6 Is Cardiff a safe city?7 Is Cardiff a nice place to live?8 How far is it from London to Cardiff?9 What are the 6 cities […]

FAQ: What County Is Cardiff In?

Contents1 Is Cardiff in Mid Glamorgan?2 Do they have counties in Wales?3 Is Glamorgan in Monmouthshire?4 What’s the smallest county in Wales?5 Is Mid Glamorgan still a county?6 Is Wales a country or state?7 Which is the biggest county in Wales?8 What are the 22 counties in Wales?9 What are the 6 cities in Wales?10 […]